Evolution, humans and Aliens

Evolution, Creation and Big Foot. You needed more faith than to move a mountain if you believe in evolution. The fact than you can’t recreated it in a lab. You can see adaptation is the same kind but no evidence of evolution. If you believe there was a big accident that just happened, you must have big time faith. Who created DNA and RDA? Who created Rh negative that can’t be cloned?
Creation by intelligence design. True. The only way to change one kind (monkeys) into another one ( humans ) kind is to split DNA. By the way, what is the more than 2% of DNA that is called junk DNA waiting to be turned on? What’s going to turn it on?  One kind (God or aliens) with another kind, monkeys. Gene slicing with all kinds of things here on earth. The Kolbrin Bible tells about different type of experiments with other humans. It tells of the success and failures. Bigfoot, called no neck in the Kolbrin. Created with the strength needed but they couldn’t resist the dark call of the forest and they returned there and mated with creatures and returned wild.


About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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