I Told You So. Memphis, Tn. Warning Mississippi River Bridge Threat

I wrote a blog some time ago stating the high probability of Memphis being the next site of a terrorist attack. One facebooksitereblogged it or gave a link about it. I stated the risks there. The two bridges where the east meets west via I-40  and the Mississippi River running north and south. Memphis is The transportation hub of the south. Fed Ex hub is here in Memphis. That and Atlanta Georgia. Then we have a very large refinery off I-55 next to the old bridge. Then DuPont is to the north of us. Of course the electricity will be down for so many. That would add to the fun times for us. Mass outages of E.B.T. cards. You’ve seen it before. Oh and they, the facebook folks do

n’t like me anymore because of my un P.C. views of most of the black race. The multi-cultural experiments have failed big time. You may get mad but what the numbers tell us is true. Numbers don’t lie. Unless they’re manipulated like adding hispanic to the white column to make it look like the black column wasn’t so high. Blacks race baiters are the worse thing. They tell the dumb negroes to kill cops and random white people and they do it. Rioting, looting and nothing was done as the police stood by, silently. This wasn’t a peaceful demonstration from the start and it was criminal. I asked if I was still racist and they printed a comment about how we should all get along. Horseshit. It is a white genocide and you better save yourself. Get away from those hateful, killing, robbing Sons of Bitches. It has been declared open season on cops, but not just anybody can hunt police,just black folks.  A huge walk out should be done by the police.  A nation wide blue flu, then see how much they would like it.  All the anti-gun folks  want legal fire arms in the hands of police and only the police.  Then the criminals and cops would be the only ones with guns.  What do you mean the  criminals won’t obey that either?



We are without rule of law. The president picks which laws and amendments are followed and which ones aren’t. Our  attorney general is actively trying to prosecute  white people for some kind of civil rights violation in a righteous shooting.  The president and his attorney are trying to start a race war and are wondering how much more the whites are going take. Putting black race hustlers on the White House payroll. I guess they are disappointed we aren’t fighting more.  They’ve all wanted to use all the gadgets and weapons on white people. Shoot ’em down.

Now this what some folks may think of racist.  (future)  The white race is no longer in charge and the black race is.  I know people will scream Helter Skelter but it looks like it was prophetic.   Okay, this ties in to what is going on today and the end times of Native Americans prophecies.  First, the blacks take over everything and who among those dimwitted can keep a space station up there? –  “you will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens fall to earth and appear the blue star.

Second, today blacks are free to take everything they wanted and not be jailed. They might get offended. Racial Sensitive training for all cops, governors. Any government employees.  The start of the takeover.  The space shuttle falling. The blue Katchina.

Then soon, very soon comes the red katchina.  The destroyer.  Cleansing fire. Could it be the blue katchina hitting the earth?  Or nuclear bombs?

Another Indian prophecy about the end of Turtle Island. Yellow men would fall from the sky and the gourd of ashes will drop.  Huh… China and Russia anyone?  Now, I think I should get off the computer. My pills are kicking in. In other words, write drunk, edit sober.


About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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