Debunking the Disinformation: One Cowboy’s Eyewitness Accounting of Bundy Ranch Standoff

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Screenshot debunking lies about Bundy Ranch Standoff

Cowboy, patriot Levoy Finicum, debunks the myths and lies from the mainstream and allegedly Conservative media/pundits including that of Glenn Beck whom we have noticed these past few weeks have been anti-Bundy to the point that many suspect (present company included Beck of colluding with the enemy.

Patriot Finicum does a great job of setting the record straight.  Not good though for Beck and a few others whom we have suspected all along of pushing a nefarious agenda.  Beck, in particular has been protesting a little too darn much.  Clearly, OD’ing on his own kool-aid, the narcissist like the rest of the elites underestimates the intelligence of the American people.

Published on Apr 26, 2014 by LaVoy Finicum

My personal witness of riding with the Bundys to get their cows. Setting Glenn Beck’s representation Straight.

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