The Kolbrin Bible, Bigfoot, Atlantis, Exodus and The Comets From Hell.

Cover of "The Kolbrin Bible"

Cover of The Kolbrin Bible


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Comet ISON seen by Hubble

Comet ISON seen by Hubble (Photo credit: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

The Kolbrin Bible is a collections of ancient Egyptian texts that tell a different story of how we got here.  If you are familiar with Z. Sitchin interpretation of the Sumerians texts on the creation of man, in the Sumerian text it tells of how the Annunki spliced their DNA onto the humanoid creature that was already here, to make a primitive workers.  They made many mistakes in their experiments.  You can read all about the mistakes in Sitchin’s books.  If you want the shorten version of all his books, buy the last one he wrote,  The lost book of Enki.   It tells of the creatures that were still too much creature and not enough human that ran back into the wild.  Now if you go to the Kolbrin Bible, it tells you of the different type of people who were alive at the same time.  One of the creatures was called no neck and lived in the woods.  They were not like the civilized people who live in their gatherings.  They were wild and dark.  The call of the darkness was just to great to be ignored.  Now, who could they be talking about?  No neck with darkness.  Sounds a little like big foot to me.  And from the tales and pictures, big foot does look like a human covered in hair.  Another thing to make you go Humm….  There were the little people also.  Maybe fairy’s and leaprecans (sp)?  There were also some people called the blue ones.  I have no earthly idea who that could have been.  Maybe the morgellons in the Appalachians Mountains with the blue color to their skin?   But it does make me step back and take another look at the tales of old.

The Kolbrin Bible also tells the story of the Exodus from the Egyptians point of view.  It tells of the plagues of Egypt and you wrap that up with the theory of Comets raining down rust from the comets that will turn the waters to blood.  If the waters turns to blood, that will cause the plague of frogs.  They have no oxygen in the waters and have to get out, etc.

It also talks about Atlantis and the disaster.  It tells of the city and what it looked like and  the people who lived there that wore colored glass over their eyes ( sun glasses?)  It is hard to read, but you will find a ton of stuff in there that tells the tale of our history. You have to want to know to be able to read it.  It is not flippant for the reader.  Just think of the people who would look at it and say.” what the hell?  Turn on Dancing with the stars.”  It is not written in the cadence of modern language.  Slow down and think about what it says.

Today we have Comet Ison and it’s trip.  No I don’t think it’s going to hit us, but the debris that it brings will surely miss us up.  There are also several objects that are coming in the same time as Ison and just a little later.  All that rust coming off the objects falling to the earth and once again, our water will turn red as blood.  Get all the water you can to put back.  You saw the typhoon in the Philippines and what was the first thing they asked for?  Water.  The time to look for water is before you get thirsty.

Look around at the things going on in the world around us.  Things are going from bad to worse in our own country.  Does any one see a way out?  I don’t.  They have started putting homeless people into the fusion centers ( known as F.E.M.A.) camps in North Carolina.  If you don’t want to go to the centers, you can always go to jail.  People, stop and think about that for a minute.  It is now a crime to be poor.  Seems like they are bringing back the debtors prisons.  Just think of all the people on food stamps and welfare.  You saw just a small sample of what will happen with their “glitches” in the EBT cards.  People acted like animals.  When this nation goes bust, and it will, think of what might happen at your house.  Do you have enough food to eat?  And what will you have to do to make sure your children have enough to eat tomorrow too.  People with hungry children do desperate things.  Make sure you have the things stocked up that you will need for your family.  Then think about how you are going to protect the stuff your family needs.

A lot of people will laugh at this and poo, poo me.  To that I say, “You got a better story?”  Some will say the Bible, but just read the text and see if it doesn’t make more sense and see the connection to the Bible.  I’m not trying to change any body’s mind about anything.  I’m just pointing out some different ways to look at things.


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3 Responses to The Kolbrin Bible, Bigfoot, Atlantis, Exodus and The Comets From Hell.

  1. Ray Grandon says:

    I’m a real White Cherokee [Yoho] whose ancestors came from Atlantis and the “Miami Circle” is part of Atlantis as I knew it was there in 1979 when walking past that field I felt a very strong energy ray from it 18 years before it was found.

  2. Ray Grandon says:

    I’m a real White Cherokee [Yoho] whose ancestors came from Atlantis and the “Miami Circle” is part of Atlantis as I knew it was there in 1979 when walking past that field I felt a very strong energy ray from it 18 years before it was found.

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