The Final Days.

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Forum NJ June 13, 2008

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Forum NJ June 13, 2008 (Photo credit: Cheryl Biren)

I have been reading a lot here lately.  That’s nothing new but I have been reading a new book call Rise of the Islamic Anti-Christ by Joel Richardson.  It compares what the Koran says about the end days as opposed to what the Christian Bible says.  It says the “true Jesus” will come back with their savior and kill all the Jews and Christians, make everyone worship Allah.  They say the false Jesus will come back then and protect Israel and the Christians.  Doesn’t that just sound fucked up and turned around backwards?  But, that does tie into the current events and also ancient ones.  The powers that be are using the energy of Satan, child rape and their rituals, to do things.  Clearly the Koran is the work of the devil.  Satanic England is turning the whole country over to muslim rule and letting the muslims chop soldiers heads off, perform mercy killings and then tell the people not to say anything that might hurt the muslims feelings. Really. Look it up.  Now look at our country. We have a muslim president. He is turning this country over to them. They are killing people left and right and we are not supposed to profile them. Really?  It seems like it would work so much better at keeping us safe if we did profile, but that’s not the goal of our president. Yes, I’m going to say it. Mostly all muslims are black. This Trayvon Martin thing is just what our president wants. For the blacks to riot and kill white people, who by the way, muslims think of as devils. You know he is half white. I wonder how he deals with that?  Oh, never mind. I know how he deals with it. He completely denies any heritage of the white race. He may have said he was half white, but his actions have shown that he completely identifies with the black race. I want everyday people who care about this, the Oath Keepers and Christians to stand up and fight against this. If we do not come together, they will pick us off one by one.  We need help and I don’t know how to scream any louder to gather attention for this.  We must speak out. Are we going to going to be to scared now to speak out, knowing the government is watching us?  As Snowden says, they are afraid that we will come together and fight back.  Let’s make them afraid, very afraid. Look into Adam Kokesh. People say he is a government plant. I don’t think so. At least he is doing something and refusing to cooperate with his arrest in any way and taking his Fifth Amendment to remain silent.  They had to put him in a wheeled chair to get him into the courtroom. He refused to leave his cell. Bravo, buddy.  Now we do know who the government plants are. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the “new” black panthers. We know the government is paying for rallies down there. They are calling to kill people. Adam is trying to take the country back and get out from under an oppressive government. A solider who saw the wrongs in the wars over in the Middle East. They are not fighting for our country, they are fighting for our corrupt government to take the oil and now we know are backing the rebels, who are none other than Al-quada.  Now you tell me.  Which one sounds like a plant to you?  Kokesh is screaming for other Americans to join him. He is Jewish, which people seem to think is a strike against him.  I don’t happen to think so. He is a white American that is fed up.  Just like me.


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