MoMo the kitty O’s Night In Jail

English: Little Debbie Nutty Bar, shown split ...

English: Little Debbie Nutty Bar, shown split in half (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paper towel roll on stand

Paper towel roll on stand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A black and white cat.

A black and white cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a metal cabinet in my back mudroom to keep dry goods in.  I have my beans and rice,flour,sugar,cornmeal,etc. in.  It keeps any mice from getting to it and eating it.  I also you my snacks and candy in there.  Last night with my cup of coffee after dinner, I wanted to eat a nutty buddy (little debbie) with it.  MoMo must have climbed in there when I was looking around in there.  Around midnite, Rick heard a terrible amount of noise going on.  He got up to check and he heard MoMo just a screeching.  He open the cabinet and MoMo fell out.  Along with an extra roll of paper towels.  The roll was shredded.  Now MoMo doesn’t have front claws but she does have some mighty shaper teeth.  I guess she just got mad and tore it up.  Kinda reminds me of a pin on pintrest I saw.  It showed a cat laying in a room full of shredded toilet with the thought bubble over the cat’s head saying,”Remember that water sprayer?? Have fun wiping our ass.”   Sigh, such is life.


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2 Responses to MoMo the kitty O’s Night In Jail

  1. Leah Backus says:

    That reminds me of the time that my cat accidentally got shut in the dryer after a party. There were too many people in the apartment and she went in there to hide, Someone must have shut the door without seeing her. Luckily, we heard her crying and got her out.

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