Do We Create Borderline Patients With Our Pervisive Raising of Our Children?

I wonder sometimes if we as parents or grandparents create Borderline Personality disorders in our children.  Some of the symptoms of borderline is aggressors and throw temper fits, selfishness, overspending, lying like a rug and mentally unstable. In the raising of children or grandchildren.  Being told over and over how beautiful they are, overspending on the child and the child will wind up thinking they can get anything they want by throwing temper tantrum. aggressive behavior like pushing or shoving and can lead up to assault.  It can be mistaken for bi-polar.  Both have a tendency to run in genetic family.  I have been looking into the problems with borderline personality disorder.  I was misdiagnosis as a borderline.  I am bi-polar and was misdiagnosis for years.  My doctor now told me that they (woman therapist) just didn’t like me. It’s kind of a “get out of my office.” diagnosis.  The only way to manage it is psychotherapy.  Years of it.  Behavior therapy. And medications for symptoms.  But even this is not very good in borderline.  I just don’t know. If someone knows, let you comment and let me know?


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4 Responses to Do We Create Borderline Patients With Our Pervisive Raising of Our Children?

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  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Or like Lady Gaga, are we born this way?

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