The in-doors adventures of Barney

German Shepard at Texas Beach (Richmond, VA)

German Shepard at Texas Beach (Richmond, VA) (Photo credit: Gamma Man)

Eigen foto van Minoes Categorie:Afbeelding dier

Eigen foto van Minoes Categorie:Afbeelding dier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was kind of nippy, so I brought Barney into the house.  Mo-Mo the kitty-O did not like that one little bitty bit.  Mo-Mo taught (or tried to teach ) Barney the rules of the house.  Number One rule.  Do Not Come Into My bedroom. It’s the home free room.  Don’t even think about crossing the threshold.  Mo-Mo has no front claws, so therefore, she felt free to slap him upside the nose as many times as she wants.  That included the hissing, growling and fluffed up hair.  We put Barney on about a 20 feet lead.  He was so excited to come into the house!  He jumped up onto the couch so he could sit in my lap.  I had to teach him what lay down means.  After he got over his excitement of being in the house, he laid down in front of my feet.  He snoozed for a couple of hours and then got up and when into Mo-Mo room.  Mo-Mo didn’t know that, being as Mo-Mo- was laying on the dryer.  Barney was in there and something caught his attention.  He came out and was munching on something, then he went back into the room.  Now, Mo-Mo’s food is in the right corner and Barney was going left.  The only thing in the left corner is some boxes and Mo-Mo’s litter box.  I think you know the ending.  I followed Barney into the room the second time he went in there.  And yes it was!  A cat turd in his mouth!  I have never owned a dog as an adult (me not the dog. ).  Hubs told me that dogs love to eat cat turds.  Who’d thunk???

When he got  up from his nap, drinking some water and then I put him out to pee.  As I lead the way to the back door, Barney stopped in the kitchen.  He’s saying ” Aww, I’m not falling for that trick. It’s cold outside. ”  I had to get one of his toys so he would follow me.  I had the door open and threw the toy outside.  Barney raced to get his toy.  He picked up his toy and turn around to race back and the door was shut.  I could see him.  He looked so disappointed.  After a few minutes, he came back to the door and barked that one sharp bark.  The one that said, “Hey, I’m finished. Can I come back in?”  So I let the big golute back in.  He has graduated up to not having to be on a leash in the house.  Mo-Mo is still pissed.


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