Daddy’s Remote


Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

Fuel for the fire

Fuel for the fire (Photo credit: lippert61)

I am showing my age but I grew up early sixties when the T.V. had legs and an antenna to twist.  My Daddy loved his T.V.  There were five of us kids at home.  I don’t care where we or my mother were, he would holla back for us.  “Come and put the T.V. on channel five.”  Back then we had all of 4 channels including the Public Broadcasting Channel.  If we kids were outside then the chore fell to Momma.  I don’t care what she was doing in the kitchen, she would come with flour or dishwater up to her elbows and change the channel.  Of course it was always fun in the wind and rain.  Our antenna was outside and when the wind blew it would turn the thing around and no more T.V.  Who do you think got to go out into the rain,wind or especially lighting and thunder?  You got it.  One of us kids.

We were also Daddy’s snack machine.  Daddy would say, “Angie, would you go get me that last slice of pie?”  Or cookies, cake, etc..   He would raise his empty iced tea glass and shake it.  The tea would be gone, with just the ice in the glass.  He didn’t have to say a word.  Ice shaking meant that his drink was gone and Momma would jump up and refill his glass.

Daddy also used us as part of his lawn service.  No, he didn’t own a business, we just had a large yard.  Before he had to mow the grass, he would send us out to pick up all the stuff in the yard.  We would pile toys up and then go in search of limbs and stuff to make sure the yard was free of debris.  That wasn’t so bad.  I hated when we moved to the country and Daddy thought a spilt rail fence would look fine at our house.  We had five acres of land.  Daddy wanted to do everything country.  When he unhooked the propane tank, I thought I would die!  He put a wood stove in the house for heat!  Plowed a garden.  Which I found a way out of weeding the garden.  Just start by chopping down all the tomato plants in the row you were assigned to.  I got run out of the garden quick. But I digress.  Daddy took us kids into the woods with him and started cutting down pine trees. (He didn’t mind a store bought chain saw.)   After he cut off the limbs we kids were assigned a tree, pole or what ever you wanted to call it.  We grabbed one end of the things and started hauling the thing out of the woods and into our yard.  The fence looked pretty wobbled but it was there.  I was Not a happy camper.  Do you know how hard it is to get pine resin off your skin?  Soap and water will not get it off.  It just leaves a sticky residue.  Speaking of another thing that hard to get the smell of off of you, are wet chicken feathers.  My Daddy bought 100 baby chickens.  More than half of them were rosters.  So we had chicken killing day.  We were quite the assembly line or should I say Un-assemble line.  Daddy built a fire under the big old barrel and got the water to a boiling point.  Daddy would chop the chickens head off, (I am not a PETA member) and dunked them in the water and hand them to us.  The kids were the plucking line.  We would get all the feathers off and hand them to Momma.  She would hang the chicken by the feet on the clothes line and de-gutt them.  And that my friends is the hardest smell to get rid of.  Wet chicken feathers.


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  1. Maggie says:

    I just love this!

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