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marijuana joint (Photo credit: Torben Bjørn Hansen)

I talked to my friend last night and she told me of the conversation about her Granddaughter.  Her granddaughter is 15. To make this story more readable, I will tell it to you as I heard it.  I will be using the first person narrative. So, here goes.

I talked to my granddaughter last night, being as she can only use the phone to call family.  Isn’t it nice that I hear more from my granddaughter when she’s grounded than other time?  But anyway, she was telling me how her day when, in the outpatient program she is signed up for.  She told me that she had time with her therapist and had group therapy.   I asked her last night what had precipitated her trip to Lakeside.  She told me that she had told her mother that she didn’t believe in God anymore. As I have stated before, her mother is super religious ( I call it around the bend over church. ).  And she was grounded until she changed her mind about God.  OMG.  Being grounded for her thoughts and believes?  Her mother told her she couldn’t hang with her friends that didn’t believe in God, no face book and no phone calls from her friends, you know, the ones that didn’t believe in God.  So my granddaughter has been cutting herself on the arms and stomach.  I guess the ones to her belly were a little bit more deep after she was grounded.  So a trip to the psychiatry hospital.  She told me last night that she had cut herself again on Monday.  I told her if she ever needed to talk about how she was feeling about things that her whole family would blow a gasket over, to call me.  She told me that she always does.  I’m the cool Grannie.  We were talking last night about ancient religions and drug use.  She was telling me that some of the kids she was running with were doing drugs.    Now my granddaughter has gotten the genetics from her father.  Her smile, sense of humor and also his tendency to tell really big whoppers.  I heard that big intake of breath that leads to me to believe, like her father, she is fixing to tell me a story that she is making up as she goes along.  But I asked her about if she had taken any drugs.  First, I told her that I didn’t care about pot, that I think it should be legalized anyway.  Then she admitted that she had smoked a joint with her boyfriend.  She told me that she couldn’t do that anymore with her boyfriend because it made her horny.  I thought, her mother would Never let her use birth control.  You know high school kids have sex.  You know it.  I know it.  Every one knows it.  And as a matter of fact, her mother wasn’t on birth control when she got pregnant.  I admit, she was out of high school when she got pregnant, but still, she was to young to get pregnant.  My granddaughter admitted that she had tried acid one time and it freaked her out so much that she would never do it again.  She told me it was like she was seeing the earth through a kaleidoscope and it didn’t stop, even when she closed her eyes, she still saw it.  I told her to Never try X or meth.  That they ate holes in your brain. She already knew that.  Plus meth would make her teeth rot,make her hair fall out and create sores on her skin because the poison had to leave her body some how.  When I got off the phone my husband told me , you didn’t believe that did you?  He said if she had tried acid it would have freaked  her out so bad that she would have been at the emergency room.  In his past he had done a little bit of everything.


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4 Responses to Pagan Life.

  1. tersiaburger says:

    She is lucky to have you.

  2. day2512 says:

    Thank you for posting this conversation. I feel for the girl. While my parents weren’t extremely religious, they were concerned too much with what the neighbors thought. I’m so glad she has a grandmother who she can talk to.

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