The Original Tree Huggers And Domed Cities

A group of druids from the Sylvan Grove of the...

A group of druids from the Sylvan Grove of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids in the early morning glow of the sun, shortly after having welcomed the sunrise at Stonehenge on the morning of the summer solstice.Left to right: Anne, Richard, Shaun, Marion, Paul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City (Photo credit: Lau_chan)

Air Pollution Smoke Stack

Air Pollution Smoke Stack (Photo credit: EnvironmentBlog)

Today I would like to tell you about the original tree huggers, the Druids.  Trees were very important to the Druids and even had religions around them.  Before you write them off as ignorant savages, just stop and think for a moment.  Trees produce the oxygen we breathe.  The Druids planted trees and still do today.

Now focus on the quality of the air we breathe.  When the earth was still very young, scientist claim that the atmosphere was denser and oxygen was too.  Which made for an earth which was ripe for things growing to much larger size. Take the dinosaurs.  Skeletons that are much larger than we are today.  Maybe the legends of Giants are really true.

The rate of our air quality is quickly going down the tube.  And why is mainly in my opinion is that we cut down most of the trees in the country.  Of course add the factories and what not adding to the bad atmosphere.  I have heard that one day we may need to have domed cities.  One of the first things we would do is cut down trees.  To make a playground, roads, for the paper we use, etc..  Why did people not think about using hemp instead of trees for paper,housing,medical and recreational use?  We are going to kill off this version of humans.  We can kill ourselves many times over again. Nuclear bombs, Pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans.  Poison the air we breath.  And mess genetically with our food crops.  These are the things we must have for survival.  We are so stupid some times.  The ancients were so much smarter.  They knew that the earth nurtured the people who live upon it and to respect it. Just think about it for a minute.


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