And There Was A Chopper In The Air…..

Police Car Lights


I have written before about my neighborhood and it’s residents before.  Such a charming bunch of nuts.  Last night the neighborhood was buzzing.  At first, I thought they had set up a driver’s license check point.  The cops were sitting by the railroad tracks with their blue lights flashing.  The rail road tracks are the entrance to  Nutbush and that’s a handy place to set up for my lovely neighbors that don’t have drivers license, car tags, insurance,etc..  After watching for a few minutes I noticed that they weren’t stopping anybody.  They were shinning lights into the cars that came by.  Then we noticed that the police had a dog walking and sniffing the rail road tracks.  Cops cars were zooming all around the area with their parking lights on, no headlights, and shinning their spotlights in backyards and into cars.  A few minutes later, there was a chopper in the air circling the area.  This went on for about 2 hours.  This morning I heard it in the news that a robbery suspect had fired a shot at the police and they hadn’t captured their man.  If the guy is smart, which criminals are not, he will not come back to this area.  The news people gave an excellent description of the suspect.  A male in his 30’s.  Yep, that’s it.  They news people won’t tell you if he is black or white, as it might be racist. Racist.  Humm, I wonder how  cops like that?   This town is so stupid.  The majority is black. The government and police are run by blacks.  Humm…and how is it a white person fault?


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