Husband Number Two….Party Two


Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the chickens.  How could I forget the chickens.  Husband number two’s parents had chickens.  No, they didn’t have a chicken coop, the chickens just roamed free.  I guess they were ahead of their times, what with the free range chicken thing going on.  But, they didn’t have air conditioning in the house so in the spring and summer times, they left the front door open.  Chickens wandered freely in and out of the house.  I couldn’t believe it!  There were chickens in the living room!!  They shoo-ed them outside but man, chickens in the house?!  Oh, and I did something that made them all mad.  I bathed.  Of course I had to get all the clothes out of the bath tub first.  The old man ranted that I was using hot water and that I was going to empty all the water from the well??  I went home.   Dragging the man my mother hated a long with me.  Momma was yelling at me that I only thought about myself, never giving a thought to the mess I left behind.  I told her that I didn’t just think about myself anymore and told her I was pregnant.  I watched the color drain from her face.  My father sat me down and told me that I didn’t have to marry that man, that he would take care of me and the baby.  I thought I was doing the right thing by marrying him.  These were my thoughts at the time.  Why burden my parents for things that I had done?  How I wished I had listen and taken my father’s advice.  But I married the no-good bum.  I was his 5 wife and he had children across the United States that he didn’t see or support.  Why O Why didn’t I run away?  He cheated on me from day one.  Even as I was in labor with the contractions every three minutes, he wanted to wait for the girl who lived two apartments down from us so she could go to the hospital with us.  I learned shortly after leaving the hospital that he was screwing her too.  The man was a walking penis.  He would have sex with anything.  Young,old, toothless, ugly, it didn’t matter to him.  He didn’t start beating me until after the baby was born.  I took two and one half years of this before I tossed him away forever.  I fell for the lines about how he would never do it again, how a son needs his father, how I couldn’t support me and my son, etc,etc.   I didn’t just cower in a corner either.  After the first couple of times, I noticed that it turned him on for me to cower and plead not to be beaten again.  So, I just doubled up my fist and fought back.  He didn’t expect that. My Daddy didn’t raise a coward.  We broke up, went back together, broke up again for 2 and one half years.  Then I realized that I couldn’t raise my son, letting him see me get beaten up and think it was normal.  About six months after we had broken up, I lured him to the county were I lived.  I told him about me filing for divorce and I needed him to sign divorce papers.  He said he didn’t have a ride to get up there.  I told him that I would come and pick him up and take him back.  So, here I went to pick him up and drove back to the county I lived in.  I got him to sign the papers.  He didn’t want to sign because in had child support payment he was supposed to make.  I told him it was the law for it to be in there but I wouldn’t try to collect anything from him. And I never saw or asked for one penny from the bastard.  After he signed the divorce papers, I was good enough to take him to the interstate before I kicked his ass out and told him to hitchhike back.


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