From Days of Yore

Rick makes me remember things from a million years ago. Things like Zayres, The Treasury, the time when Walgreens had a grill, Sears Crosstown, etc..  I remember a time when the largest in-land Navy Base,was in Millington, Tn..  The adventure I’m going to tell you, I have no memory of this, involves the largest Naval Base in the world.  Back in the day, it used to be safe when you were hitchhiking.  The highway going to and from the base was covered up with sailors hick hiking to and from the Naval Base, to Memphis, Tn.  My mother and my Nana were riding back from Millington, for some reason.  I was in the car with them.  I still remember what kind of car she was driving.  ( She was still driving it when I was ten years old.)  It was a brown Impala and had four doors.  The steering wheel was rather large.  It was power steering. It made the wheel so easy to turn instead of manhandling the manual.  My Nana use to take us kids riding and ride near the curve so the car would bounce up and down. Of course, this was when I was older.  But I digress, I was around six months old at the time and I choked on something and Nanna pulled over on the side of the road and stopped to see what I was choking on.  All of a sudden the back door flew open and a sailor jumped into the back seat.  There we were, all screaming out brains out.  Me from choking and Momma and Nanna, from fright! .  Now, I don’t remember the rest of the story.  I don’t know if they explained why they were pulled over or he,explaining why he  jumped in the car.  Or if the sailor just jumped out and slammed the door.

Another story of the Naval Base.  It was large and that meant a lot of soldiers with R&R and no way to get to Memphis to spend their money.  That’s when you could make some money on the weekends.  Maybe even more if you hustled.  All you needed to make the money was a  running car.  You could drive out to the base on Friday  afternoons and wait at the curb and load up on sailors.  Rick told me that his father would drive out there and waited on the curb and load up.  He charged three dollars a ride for each sailor.  Now, three dollars was no small amount back then. His father had a convertible and he could get six sailors to a car.  Six times three is eighteen dollars.  On a single ride.  Gas was cheap.   The sailors also needed a ride back to the base on Sundays.  More moola.  Does anyone remember the round popsicle trucks?  Nanna drove one of those too.


About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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