Dog Speak

I have found out that I am really good at translating for the animals at my house.  Knowing what the cat, MoMo, is saying is really easy.  I’ve been doing that with cats all my life.  What I didn’t know was that I could speak dog.  I have not had a dog in my life in about 43 years.  Of course, as a child, we had a Collie named Smokey and a German Shepard named Hobo.  This was all before I was ten.  My father was an animal lover.  If you could hide the animal from Momma until Daddy came home from work, you were you were on the track of getting to keep them.  If you happened to get the animals into Daddy’s lap, you were home free.  I loved cats.  And they were easier to hide.  So, I became a cat lover early.   I have always been able to talk to my cats and talk for them.

The first dog to live in a house with me in my adult life was Rick’s dog Muffin.  If you have read my earlier blogs, you know that Muffin hates me.  She has bitten me, growled at me, farted on me, etc..   Over the years Muffin has decided that I’m her only allie when Rick is not here.  Seriously, she won’t let me open the door for her to go outside if Rick’s home.  But I am turning out to be a Dog Speak Person.  I just know what they want.  Even Muffin knows that I can interrupt for her.  Rick will be talking to Muffin and she will  look over to me as if to say, ‘Well….Well….tell him what I want.’  Then I will tell Rick what she wants.  I never knew I had this talent.  What about a talent that I always wanted?  To play the piano? Huh, what about that?  I even had a piano, but no, I got a talent that has remained a mystery until now.  Just think of all the years that a talent like mine could have earned me a fortune.  I could have been the first ‘dog whisperer’.  Really, I just look into their eyes and we communicate.  Barney just loves me to death, but it’s hard to get him to look me in the eye.  He’s just so HAPPY!!!!


About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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