Afternoon everyone,   Today I think I’ll write about things that bug the crap out of me.

Cable or Sat T.V. –  why do I pay 80 bucks a month for television, when all they show are re-runs??   And if they do have new shows, it’s just rehashing the same old story.  I mean, come on now.  If we are paying, shouldn’t they have to produce new shows, original stories?


Clothes –  When you buy new clothes, have you ever wonder why they give you extra buttons?  I mean, that’s like announcing ‘ hey buy my product, it was shabbly made, we even give you extra buttons because we can’t sew worth crap.’

Expiration Dates –  use by or sell by dates.  Why can’t we just have a ‘throw this shit away by’ dates?

Refried Beans –  I was cooking mexican food friday night.  As I opened a can of refried beans, I notice that it looks just like a can of dog food.  It reminded me of the old dog food ‘twin pet.’  You know the stuff that every kind of pet ate Dogs, Cats, Pigs you name it.

Gas Prices –  The signs quoting the price is really a penny lower than actual price.  I mean 3.09.9 is really three dollars and ten cents.

Where has truth in advertising???   Just saying……


About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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