Will This Happen Before Or After 2016?

I have been watching what’s been going on in our crazy country. Killing babies and selling the parts, arming Iran, government corruption, they now want to take guns from senior citizen and people on disability that cannot take care of them selves and the list just goes on and on.  A lot of people don’t like Trump but I think he is a rallying call for the people who are just fed up with our government and the decline of our nation.  You know before Obama’s term is out he is going to do a false flag to call martial law and cancel the elections because he is not finished destroying our country.  Or start WWIII.  Give Iran the go ahead on nuclear material.  Poking Russia in the eye with a sharp stick isn’t the smartest thing you can do or is it his plan on destroying America?  The government is watching and recording every thing we do and everywhere you go. What are we going to do when the police start confiscating our guns? What are we going to do when the government starts knocking on your door because you are an American terrorist because you are not happy with the things going on? What are we going to do when they start filling up the re-education camps? What are we going to do?

If Obama gets his way, I think we should go west. Away from the east coast.  The rumor or fact, I don’t know which, of an asteroid, is supposed to hit the Atlantic Ocean.  But I was not thinking of the mountain to hit us but to get away from Washington.  It’s going down and the people with any common sense see that.  Could Trump lead the way?  A rally call?  He has the balls to do it and the money to back it up.  Being as the government and trolls want you to keep wallowing in it.

I see a Civil War coming which Obama has been trying to start ever since he came into office.  At least I hope white folks will stand up instead of the same ole same ole that is just going to get much worse.

Obama should have been arrested along time ago and his cronies in the white house, house and senators for treason.  Why did they all go along with Obama when they knew, during his campaign that he wasn’t even an American citizen? They should be all thrown out.  I just don’t understand.

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I’ve Been Blocked! Oh My!

I’ve been blocked on G+ by one of the folks I have been following on youtube since the show Doomsday Preppers. He came across like a crazy loon, but he didn’t do much to dissuade the idea either, what with him wearing a coon skin hat. He wore it everywhere. Court, T.V. and in his videos.  Dsart1. But Dave isn’t stupid. He knows a lot about prepping and such. I was a fan of his. But when the War Hero John McCain was dissed, and I didn’t condemn Trump but praised him, he blocked me. Why can’t I be blocked by Trolls? But anyway, my feelings are still the same. While John McCain was doing Television interviews condemning America to the enemies for better treatment, my brother-in-law was in the jungle being sprayed with Agent Orange and taking shrapnel from the bombs of explosives peppering his body. The Agent Orange is courtesy of our own government. They used it to deforest the jungles. Our men were in those jungle and got sprayed with poison. The Army hid the reports and information about Agent Orange from the public and veterans.  He, my brother-in-law,  had to have the gumpsion to stay on them, call his senator (which told him bald face lies, War hero Senator McCain are you listening) call, call, call and make triplicates of everything before he got this benefits.  Agent Orange.  It ate him up. Cancer. Terrible pain in his back from the shrapnel from the bombs. Night terrors or PTSD.  He’d have flashbacks of the  horror scenes from over there.   No one in government called him a hero. As a matter of fact he had to wait months and months for an appointment while the cancer spread everywhere.  His back, his stomach just eating him alive.  The government denied his disability from V.A. benefits. The only thing the government did for him was making him one of the first picks for a job at the Post Office.  No he wasn’t a mail carrier he was in the IT department. He died at home, in his home racked in pain. Do you want to know what the hospice nurse wanted his caretakers, my sister and my Mom, to do for him? Make sure you give him an enema. That was so she didn’t have to clean his shit up when he died. Can you think of anything more horrible than that?  Of course they didn’t do it.  With a supposed war hero in government making votes on the benefits to the veterans.  Why?  John McCain doesn’t seem so heroic to me.  An asswipe but not a hero.

Or, it could be that I asked him something it said in the Bible about end times and God’s promise to us of everlasting life with him.  Okay so I asked him about after all the bad people and gods are dead in the war of good and evil and then God brings down the new heaven and the new earth and locks Satan away for 1000 years.  Wait! What?  Only a thousand years?  What about everlasting?  We played this game for thousands of years and we only get 1000?  Dave knows a lot about the Bible.  He speaks out against preachers preaching a false word. I commend that.  So I wanted to know his opinion.  I have a lot of questions about different things in the Bible and thought I’d ask.  I don’t think Dave likes a woman’s opinion  a whole lot. But that’s  just my thoughts on it.

So anyway, I’ve been blocked. So What?  He has the freedom to do that.  I just thought it was funny he blocked me.

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Donald Trump is Headed To Texas/Mexico Border – Governor Rick Perry is Panicked and Apoplectic…

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Donald Trump announces he has been invited by the Border Patrol in Texas to visit the border region. Immediately former Texas governor, and U.S. presidential candidate, Rick Perry erupts in fury against Trump. Disconnected? Of course not.

perry smarty glassesTrump banner 2

Rick Perry is a one percent polling presidential candidate who has surged to a whopping 3% by added the optic of nerdy smart glasses to his presidential candidacy in a transparent effort to improve public opinion of his intellect; but his Achilles heel is, and will always be, illegal immigration.

Donald Trump has exposed the weakness within the GOP on the subject of immigration, illegal aliens and border security. Despite his protestation to the contrary, Rick Perry did little to change the Texas/Mexico lawless border; and, as evidenced by his own Texas crime statistics, had over 600,000 violent, felonious alien criminal arrests in just the last three years while he was governor.


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Donald Trump In South Carolina Today – Responds To Senator Lindsey Graham Smear…


I was wondering about his stance on these other things. Go Trump God!

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Lindsey Graham is the senior senator from South Carolina.  Lindsey Graham is running for President; Donad Trump is also running for President.

Lindsey Graham is polling at 0% (ZERO) support.  Donald Trump is leading the race with 24% support in the latest polls.  Yesterday Senator Lindsey Graham said Donald Trump is “a jackass”; today Trump responds:

Full video of South Carolina speech below

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Death has been an endless companion for me for about 40 of my 56 years.  It’s always there in the background and calls to me from time to time.  Suicide.  First time I tried it was when I was 15.  I’ve tried so hard but God won’t let me go.  I must have something very important to do because there is no medical reason for me to be alive.  One time I drove an SUV into a telephone pole at 55 mph. That should have killed me my father told me.  The steering wheel should have broken my neck instead of my jaw.  I didn’t go thru the windshield but should have.  No seatbelt.  People don’t wear seatbelts if the ending they are looking for is death.   I think we are all here at the same time and place for a reason.  A God reason.  Are we here to witness the end of days?  Are we here to help in the fight?  I don’t know but it must be a big reason.

The last I was in the hospital for an overdose I woke up after 3 days in ICU.  Boy was I pissed off when I woke up.  I wasn’t suppose to be here.  Oh and guess who came to see me during my time in ICU or the 72 hours hold?  No Body.  Zip.  Nobody cared at all. Least of all my family.  They thought I wanted attention.  My doctor asked me one time would I call him if I felt like I need to kill myself?  I told him that if I called that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it?   Why would I call you if I wanted to die?  This is not a game to me or a scream for help.  Suicide runs in my family.  I’ve had great aunts and uncles who have and a brother who committed suicide and my son.

I think about death or suicide a lot lately.  The way things are going, it’s going to be a battle of the fittest and I’m not one of the fittest.  I’m old and can’t run or hide.  I’m not just going to sit here and wait on gangs of thugs to kill me or the Army to round me up.   I asked the same doctor if he trusted the government and he looked at me nodding his head and said Sure, don’t you?  I told him I did not trust my government and the things I had noticed on my computer going wrong.  About how ads for things I had talked about but not googled started showing up on my screens, etc..  He just laughed at me and upped the dose on my meds.  I’m text-book crazy.  Afraid the government is spying on me.  Hoarding for when the government attacks me.  Yeah, right out of the texts books, but it looks like I’m not the crazy one now.  Said doctor is retired now but oh how I would love to sit on his porch with a glass of iced tea and talk over the way things are going now.  I told my new doctor about a year ago how I felt about suicide and you want to know what he said?  Get a dog.

I lay in bed at night (even after the amount of meds I took right before) and think about it.  My son hanged himself in jail with his prison orange.  A soft choke.  No rope burn or discoloring around the neck.  Only a little discoloration covered up with a white button down shirt.  He was on medical hold where they are supposed to watch you.  They didn’t watch him.  I think about a bed sheet tied to the rod in the closet and just sitting on my knees and taking a couple of sleeping pills waiting for me to nod off and just lean into the sheet.  My man would be distraught for finding me.  My granddaughter would be hurt but no body else would really care.  A person that has known me for sometime would say, She was born to die. The only thing that stops me is heaven or hell.  Is there heaven or hell on the other side or is it like cutting the switch off and nothingness?  I want it to be nothingness. For everything to just stop. That’s when I’m suicidal, the craving for the nothingness.  On other days I have to know that there’s a heaven because my Grannie, Nana, father, brother and my son are there.

My brother shot himself in the heart.  I’m not that brave.  He was in the woods and sat down on a side of a ravine and shot himself with a twenty-two pistol. The day after Christmas.  My mother refuses to think he killed himself.  He was always her problem child.  Well, him and me. She thought he was doing it for attention. She has always thought that about me too.  She said, He shot himself with a twenty-two, if he really meant to do it he could have taken a shotgun.  (God what a mess that would make.  My brother won’t have done that.)  I told her Johnny was very knowledgeable about guns.  He hunted.  He knew that a twenty-two goes in but doesn’t come out.  It kind of bounces around on the inside.  The shot was also to his heart, not chest or shoulder but heart. He sat for a while before deciding to do it.   Smoking and thinking. There were several cigarette butts on the ground by him.  Our father had died just 6 months before and he thought he lost the only parent that had ever loved him and maybe he did.  That loss of hope. Despair. The dark of night calls.

Our country is going to hell in a handbasket and sometimes I feel like I’m in the front row of the ride.  `Isn’t it funny how Trump may be something for me to hang onto?  I find the man is speaking for so many of us is the truth and he’s not afraid.  The media and big government hate him so that one reason for voting for him.  Now how that for crazy?

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Here’s Who Doesn’t Like Trump

I am going to make sure I tag this post with Donald Trump so it will go to the wordpress tag following morons.  And speaking of wordpress, how many of you have noticed all the changes on wordpress?  On my android it won’t let me see but about 20 blogs and I have tapped, slide, everything and it just doesn’t work right. I can’t reblog from my android.   I’m using my desktop now.  Google plus is clamping down to. I hope them are reading this now.

Okay now.  Who is it that doesn’t like Trump?  Liberals.  And Democrats. Both groups just hate him.  He is intolerant.  He is not tolerant about immigrants.  No, he is not against immigration.  As a matter of fact he is all over it.  It’s just the illegal aliens he is against.  You know those that suck our welfare system dry as a bone and take away from the citizens that have worked hard and given money to the government for decades.  Our veterans are dying and no one gives a damn as long as Senior and Seniority aren’t hungry. Just think what the interest that would incur after decades of savings.  Do you get it all back?  No you do not, it’s given for free to generational welfare families and illegal aliens who haven’t worked a day in their lives.

Illegal aliens don’t like him because he wants to build a wall and put them on the other side and make them pay for it.  Leaders of other countries don’t like him either because Trump is exposing the horrible deals that have stripped Americans of jobs and their livelihood.  America can’t even pay their bills since Obama and his ilk have borrowed,  wasted and have tried so hard to destroy us.  We don’t need those other countries, they need us.

Our prison populations are overflowing.  The Mexican gangs run the prison system.  If we deported everyone of those asses back to where you came from, the prison populations would drop drastically and so would the amount of the budget spent for them.

The liberals and the democrats can’t even debate these things without screaming RRRRAAAAACCCIIIISSSST!  The idiot’s way to end a discussion.  I tried to debate these fools yesterday and their only rebuttal was name calling.  Nothing of substance.  I just shake my head. These are the people who have gotten our country in the shape it’s in.


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This and That of What’s Going On?

I just got off youtube and some woman call Rene is being a supposed Prophet of the end times.  She says the end of days comes at September 28, 2015.  All those people predicting the end in September have read or heard about Jonathan Cahn (sp?) who wrote the Harbinger about the end of Schemata year being September 23, 2015.  He didn’t say it would end then.  He said it may come at the end of the Shemitah or in it’s wake.  Sometime big is coming this year.  God time for collecting the past 72 Shemitah we have failed to observe. God will get his revenge on us.  This Rene person is a false prophet.  She is taking things from other people and calling it a vision from God.  Jonathan backs up everything he says with the Bible.  Check it out.  And check out what has happened to the United States seven years ago, 2008?  2001 9/11.  What do you think will happen?   The severity of the warning keep getting worse.

Obama pardoning 40 something lifers today.  Obama is leading America into Allah worship and most are going right along, never questioning.   The Pope is coming in September to meet the President and talk about climate control.  What else do you thing he will talk about?  He has already told you and God and Allah are one and the same.  One world religion anyone?  Aliens exist and they are our Gods?  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and the slides are slick with grease.  I think Pope Francis is the black Pope and Obama is a false witness.  I used to think maybe Obama was the Anti-Christ but he doesn’t have sense enough to be the Anti-Christ but he makes an excellent false witness.   Obama has been doing his best to get America attacked and maybe even nuked.  Poking the only other superpower in the world Russia, in the eye with a sharp stick.  What is wrong with people today?  Has common core turned everyone into an idiot? No one cracks a book today.  They all rely on the main stream media and the lying ass illegal President to get your information.

I do believe Obama is going to call martial law to stop the election so he can remain in power and prevent any person that would try and stop it.  I was never a follower of Trump, never been to one of his hotel or even watch the Apprentice show, but when he got up and told the God’s honest truth I’m all over him now.  He resonates with the middle class, the everyday America who is sick of watching our country go down the tubes.  I think he will be assassinated to stop him.  Other Politians are spouting the same ole same ole and we the people are sick of it. immigration.  amnesty.  No, No and  hell No.  They are illegal.  They broke the law in coming to this country.  No one is against legal immigration it’s the illegal part and sucking our country dry part no one wants except illegals and our elections are about what they want?  Doesn’t anyone see a problem?  Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?  People won’t wake until they are taken to F.E.M.A. camps.  It is so sad.   All most people think is doing it is writing a check to another lying ass politians that will not do what he promised to do.  Is that fixing anything?

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