Mark Twain and the School Bus.

How do the two tied together?  Well, I’ve been called a Twain like author.  I calls as I sees ’em!  I use the racism of the day in every day things, like rolling down the Mississippi River as did Twain.  An English teacher told me that.  I can’t wait for the day that My Books get banned in schools.  Maybe they would use them as fuel for the book burning brigade!  That’s what we have to look forward to if politically correct schooling keeps on saying what could and couldn’t be in the library to learn from.  Twain had the most colorful language and imagination of telling of two boys adventures back in the day.  He used the correct language of the day. So, that is what I’m going to do today in the telling of riding the school bus back in early 1970’s.


I grew up in the city until I hit my early teens.  I had only one or two blacks in my school.  Nobody bothered them.  They were smart and had  excellent grades.  Nobody beat them or fought like wild animals. I walked to school, no school buses. I believe I was around 12 maybe when we moved.  After the integration we were all going to different schools so Daddy took us to the country where everybody goes to the same schools.  Introduction to my own little Island of hell on the Lake of Fire, the school bus.  We all went to the same school so every damn body was on the bus.  From the white kids from the city to the  multitudes of poor black kids.  Of course there were many more black kids on the bus than there were white kids. The bullying, spitting, books thrown into your face and the sexual assaults suffered every day by black boys on white girls. All you had to do was walk down the aisle of the bus and they reached out and grabbed boobs or ass. And you knew no one was going to try and help you because they didn’t want their asses whooped by gangs of blacks, windmilling the  hell out of you. Not with their knuckles but by hammers of fists. So, goes the story of the bus.  Let me go on with the story.


In the summer time those hoards of poor black boys and girls were trying to do something with those Afro’s with Crisco used for frying chicken. The smell was awful with the summer heat, getting horrible. Many of them didn’t have running water so they had little water and didn’t bath for maybe a week?  The B.O.’s  smell with the windows rolled down to try and escape the heat were horrible.  Smelly arm pits and nasty ass smell.  Oh! the breath too.  You need to be 6 foot back to escape that smell also. When they screamed in your face, oh God, I almost died. They bounced paper wads off in your hair and head, just trying get you mad, so you would strike back so the whole bus can jump on your ass.  This was the year of integration!!!  Didn’t the negroes want to play nice?  This was the beginning of white genocide. Negroes never want to jump you by themselves Oh no!  They need a gang just like today.  BLACK LIVES MATTER my ass.  Just another excuse for forming the majority blacks to beat to death white people.  A HATE  group and nothing is being done about it. I am still on my little island of hell in the Lake of Fire.

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In the years before Jesus was born were very turbulent times.  There was wars, pagan religions, Jewish religion, war torn years.  Nation against nation.  Rome ruling Israel with an iron fist with their pagan religions and taxes, subjugating Jewish people.  The people were looking for a strong Messiah that God had promised he would sent to them in hard times.  They were expecting a Messiah to overturn the Romans and give Israel back to the Jewish people.  Then Jesus was born.  The Jewish people rejected Jesus as Messiah. They are still looking for their Messiah.

Today’s not a whole lot different.  Jews are still waiting on their Messiah.  Muslims are looking for another Messiah (leader, caliphate or whatever)  that will kill all the Jews and other non-believers.  Christians are looking for the return of Christ.  The man of sin comes first.  Many Christians will follow him first because of the great falling away from the true words of God.  They don’t read the Bible to see what it says for themselves, just listen to what the Pastor, Priest or our government tells them what’s in the Bible.  The Anti-Christ will come with many signs and wonders and there you go!  Your following the Anti-Christ!   The story of the tares and the good wheat come into play there.  Take the tares first, then bring the good harvest to my house.  What Rome did is not so much different from what’s going on in our country today.  Obama is plaguing the United States with the Muslim religion and the taxation of American people to the point that we just can barely get by with feeding ourselves.  The working class is history.  Our jobs are gone.  The morality has been completely done away with.  This is a country with no morals just like Rome was.  Abortion, homosexuality, child molestations, gay marriage, not keeping the Sabbath day, the family unit is gone, doing good for good, labeling everything that is good as evil and everything evil is labeled as good.

Listen to what our Imposter in Chief has to say tonight.  I bet it’s not going to be good for the citizens of the United States, Christians or white people.  He will want to take our firearms. Just like Hitler did to keep the people safe from weapons.  The government will protect you. Yeah.  Ask the Jews then ask the Native Americans just how good the government took care of them.  DON’T TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!

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False Flag And What It Is Hiding

Did you watch the all day coverage of the ‘ mass shooting” ? Did you happen to notice all the police standing around and doing nothing or jogging in formation like mode?  The passage bus calm line boarding. It had drill written all over it. No one in the town, schools or law enforcement knew about it. Federal government trumps state. Especially top secret drills.  False flag. Now what could they be hiding? Could it be that Russia is ho!ding the cards of Armageddon?  Putin has proof of the oil pipe line that Obama  couldn’t find in Turkey. Turkey is buying  oil from terrorist at bargain prices and  thus giving terrorists funding. The war between Russia and Turkey could be the one to leave Jerusalem desolated. Could I.S.I.S. sit in the temple throne? The caliphate? Whoever that turns out to be? The one that comes in peace, as the Muslim religion preaches to us then shows his true colors after 3 1/2 years and starts to behead Christians in mass numbers. Every where they find them. You will die for my namesake. World wide Muslim peace. All believers. Then we will see they coming of the son of God to defeat them. Sound pretty right?

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Church, Sinners and Heaven

Today, I just have to write about the hypocritical Christians.  Churchy Christians are so arrogant, self-righteous and hypocritical of the sinner.  Oh they say sinners are welcome in their church but are they really?  No they’re not.  You can only attend church if you are ready to hear Jesus.  Their way or not at all.  There are so many different types of Christian believe and every one say their way is the only way.  Is it any reason why sinners are confused and don’t know what to believe? Not showing the way by their behavior. You know what they do?  If you can’t be just like them in their holiness, they tell you to go away.  There holiness isn’t so holy outside the church.

Okay, let’s talk about Heaven.  I guess you only want your self righteous selves in Heaven.  How will you be judged?  Do you think God will care how many times you went to church or how many church buses you bought?  No, God is going to want to know what you have done personally in your life to bring people to Christ? How will you explain this?  Christians are not helping sinners.  Oh they have their outreach programs but what about when it hits real close to home ? Do you reach out to them, to show them by your behavior not screaming scriptures at them?  You so loudly declare you follow in Jesus’s footsteps or do you ?  Let me remind you, Jesus hung out with the sinners and helped and taught them the way.  The apostles were all sinners. Tax collectors, prostitutes, cowards who turn their backs on Christ when he must needed them most and on and on.  King David was a murderer.   Today, aren’t you suppose to show people that all things are possible thru Jesus Christ instead of not welcoming them into your life?  Some how this just doesn’t seem right for Christians and the words of the Bible.  Jesus Christ is real.  He went to prepare a place for you and if it were not so, he would not have told you.  Christians are always out to win souls for Jesus.  Do you really believe in Jesus and heaven? Are you walking in his footsteps like you say you are?  You are supposed to be winning souls for Jesus.  Do you think winning is so easy and it’s not going to be a hard battle with Satan over that soul?  Do you give money to the poor, thinking that’s enough? Not hardly.

Let me give you a perfect example.  Once there was this man who had a baby.  The mothers family were very religious and the man was not.  The woman and the man never married ( the woman’s mothers family didn’t want her to or tried to pay him to go away) and the man was pretty much kicked out of the baby’s life.  They were mean, bitter, better than anyone else and offered no help with trying to help him. Help him see the way to  God and building a better life, a better path than the one he was on.  A better path for he and his daughter? Noooo, not with the way they worship God.  They wouldn’t allow him in to see the baby unless it was in the nursery.  You better not bring the baby into the living room.  Don’t socialize with the Christians.  Keep your sinner ass in there. The man wasn’t a really bad man.  At least he didn’t kill anybody like King David.  He did drugs before the baby came, but then again, that’s how the man and the woman met.  At a nightclub with drugs.  The Christians shunned him with his tattoos. He was a lost soul looking for a way.  Shouldn’t  Christians give family a way, to take him under their wings and shown him any Christian love?  Wouldn’t his child have had a better life with a father? Shouldn’t  Christians family members lead him to follow Jesus to heaven to share in the perfect life and divine nature of Jesus, even for your granddaughter?  That’s the biggest reason I hate Churchy Christians. They are so  proud of being a Christian but their actions towards people that are family don’t show a damn thing but disgust, but are sure ready to do anything for those poor under privileged sinners they meet on the street. Total strangers  but don’t show it in their  Christian nature to their family and they turn their backs and give up on them.

If the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up and wear it.  Own it.

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Donald Trump is the answer to our country’s problems that we have been waiting for.  Look at the shit lifetime politicians and pussy Presidents have put us.  We have lost a lot of our Constitutional rights and they are trying to take away our rights to bear arms.  We no longer that freedom of speech, it’s called hate speech now, freedom of religion (unless you’re Muslim), freedom of the press and our government have been trying their best to take our guns.  Our borders are wide ass open and any and everybody is coming into this country illegally.  No vetting possible. Muslims who have vowed death to us non-believers and death to our country are pouring into this country.  It’s the President who refuses to call the terrorists what they are and the democrat politicians holding him up.  I blame the republicans too for refusing and still refusing to stop it.  Hell yes you can deport 11 million illegals.  Start at the prisons for one thing.  BUILD THAT WALL NOW!!!!  Are we going to wait until we have a Paris??  President Obama needs to be pushed out of the White House, then out of our country to the land he loves.  Iran.  I saw that there is a warning of an attack on Washington D.C..  I just want to make sure ALL the politicians that caused this to be in Washington at the time.  A fresh start to make this country great again.  And we the American People can make this right again with the correct leaders.  It seems like we have just been wandering in our own little piece of America, crying in the wilderness, not banding together because we are too weak.  Now that we have a leader we can believe in to marshal us together.  I have been screaming we need to band together and change what we see tearing this country apart for years now but no one had the guts to do it.  Now the BLM is screaming that white people getting killed in France is taking their thunder.  What a sad and greedy view for the Black Lives Matter.  They don’t matter when it’s all in their own sections of town or the whole town for that matter that has such No Guns Signs that it is the black criminals that are killing each other, but it’s still THE GUN fault not the criminals, which are mostly blacks in the areas.  Why don’t Black Lives Matter then, huh????   You know, God separated us on different continents for a reason. Keep your ass over there where God put you.  And yes, God put me in this country. Part native American.  Separate cultures, religions and color.  Multi-cultural communities are a failed experiment and should be stopped.  Call me racist but I can’t believe the change in our country in the past 45 years.  The welfare state has bankrupt the country and that’s not a lie.  The President has to borrow money from other countries to support the welfare leeches.  They even raided Social Security from people who worked for that money to give to people who will not work. Welfare provides housing, which when put up are brand new but the welfare leeches tear them up and don’t care what the place looks like.  They opened a brand new housing for low income seniors.  Beautiful and just opened this weekend.  Now, we know how that works in the black community.  The grandmothers raise the children.  There will be teenagers and grown family member living in the complex and they will tear the place down to the ground and then bitch because about it and expect more tax payer money to fix the shit again.  Does no one else see this?  Schools.  They always say that white schools get more.  Hell no they don’t, they just don’t tear the shit down.  Walk into any predominately black school bathrooms.  The mirrors are broken, the doors are torn off the stalls and graffiti on the walls. They call it tagging.

Donald Trump is driving the Democrats, Establishment GOP and trolls and shills insane. They come  out in full force against Donald Trump. The funny part is nothing they say in their blogs and G+ is educated.  All the do is curse and call you names.  The politicians are not about what is good for Americans, they legislate their emotions.  Feeling sorry for everybody but we the people. They don’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt.  Bullshit I say.  People need to get their feelings hurt to make this country strong.  My Constitutional rights stop where you feeling get hurt?  Piss on that. The truth hurts and you’re going to get butt hurt over the things that don’t go your way.  Welfare people hate Trump because he’s going to take their EBT cards away and make them go to work, like everybody else. Jobs?  Yes the ones he is going to bring back.

I don’t think we can survive another year under Obama.  We need to have that election NOW!  Stop the crazy bullshit that is twirling faster and faster in our country. Obama’s plan since he took office is to tear this country asunder.  Don’t let him. Please.

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I just had to write a blog today about stupid trolls that comment on videos they hate.  How do I block these suckers????  The header is in gray and it doesn’t give you an option to block them.  If any of you know how I can do this, please tell me.  One thing, why in the hell are these people even watching these videos?  I know, I know they have been at it for years but these people are messing with the election.  I know, most of them are paid by the government or other the side of the debate. But I shouldn’t have to see them if I don’t want to.  All they do is scream Racist!!! Hater!!!  They don’t even have a reasonable argument to counter anything with.  Argh!  I know I shouldn’t let them bother me, but what really bugs me is my inability to block them.

I like Trump. He has the balls to fix this country from falling apart.  I never even like Trump before he signed up for President.  Then I listened to what he had to say.  He makes sense.  We have got a congress fill of lying politicians that will not do what they say they will do.  He cuts to the chase.  As far as deporting folks I’m all over it.  Deport them fast?  First day of business, load up all the prisoners who are illegal in our prison system.  They are all together for you.  Then hit all the illegals on our welfare rolls.  Easy Peasy!  Have the police bring in every illegal they run across in their day to day duties. Then run thru the vegetable fields that Democrats say that the illegals who are picking our fruit and vegetables.  You won’t find many there as they are criminals running free.  Speaking of picking our food, have any of you noticed all the food poisoning going on?  That comes from nasty ass illegals handling our food when they wipe their ass with their hands and the notion of washing their hands is a foreign idea to them.  Hell half of them don’t even know how to use a toilet.  Our monetary position.  Nobody knows how to make money like Trump.  Fixing the jobs situation, fix the taxes on goods from overseas.  The veterans.  He will take care of them instead of illegals and lazy ass people who just want to suck the government dry.  They are just mad because Trump is going to take their EBT cards and make them get a job.  The jobs he is going to bring back.  If you still want to be an unskilled burger flipper, you have no one else to blame except yourself.  Go ahead and give them 15.00 dollars an hour, but let us shoot at them while they do their job.  Ha!  Soldiers do and they don’t get 15.00 dollars an hour.  Trump’s tax plan is so easy and doesn’t destroy the middle class.  Why can’t people see that?  They don’t even want to listen long enough to learn.  The Democrats or Die is the new candidates line or should be.  Trump is going to clean up the absolute Waste in our government and that is going to free up tax money.  He is pro-second amendment.  What more can I say about him?  He is the man for the job.


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