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‘Stalk them and kill them,’ Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to KILL WHITES –

Liberals and People who think I’m a racist really need to read this

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Trump, Immigrant, Rapture and Other Things

Today, I have just got to write a blog. The things being said about Trump and the Univison reporter are wrong.  How do I know? I watch the full interview instead of the sound bites the press puts out there.  Why is the News media dumping on Trump when he clearly is the front runner that we the people want?  They call it empty anger.  It’s not empty. It’s we the people fed to the gills with the shit government and the politicians we have now.  It won’t get any better either with any of the other candidates.  How long have we heard the lies the politicians tell us, but vote the opposite?  All the other candidates only talk about amnesty, before Trump said anything.  He is right.  No one was talking about it until he said something about it.. We are sick of them. Sick of being taxed to death to support people that are in this country illegally.  If you cross the border illegally you are a criminal and show no signs of following any laws here.  Some one commented to me today about all the other deportation in the past, saying it would take 2 years if not more.  Buzz…wrong answer.  They were not Trump and the advances we had now.  Trump said it would be fast and hard and I’m into that.  This country is circling the drain and someone must stop it before we go under.  Until we live like we are a third world country. People talk about Trump flip flopping but haven’t you changed your mind in the past 3, 5, or 15?  I know I have.  I used to think that abortion was a good idea to save a women’s life and it was a pro choice thing but now it is a horror show, cutting a baby face off, who’s heart  is beating and moving his arms and legs just to get to his brain to sell.  Chopping feet and hands from the arms and legs so their techs wouldn’t have to see it when working for the Stemcells.  They only want the long bones. And now our government is seeking charges for the Illegal taping instead of charges against the abortion directors selling baby parts. And why are they going after livers and the thymus?  The part in the Brain is support to open your third eye.  Does someone else wants to see? They are selling “intact fetuses”.  Chinese people like to eat babies do you know that?  Iran wants to drink for the blood of infidels. Maybe that’s where they are going. You know, Obama has stated in his own book the if the political winds changes, he will stand with the Muslims. We must fight for our country and rights. Now a Jewish Rabbi has said the Messiah is coming back just not ours (Jesus) but their which would be our Anti-Christ.  The Jews and the Muslims are looking for the return of their Messiah.  Neither one of those religions accepted Jesus. A Prophecy, he said there would be 44 plus one Presidents.  Hummm…  Could it possible that Obama refuses to leave office which will start another civil war? Could Trump break up a country for us out of the United States? Could we constatutionist start a new government of our own? Ruled the way our founding father wanted us to live in our new country.  I am not talking about moving out of North America, just away from Obama, the lying ass media and welfare leeches. Far from Washington D.C.

Now onto the Rapture.  I may piss a lot of rapture believing people off but no where in the Bible does it said the Christians will be raptured before the tribulation.  But it does say in the Bible when Jesus does return it will be following the rapture after the sun becomes turn black as sackcloth and the moon turns blood red but these believers spout it all the time and will not except scriptures.  They name versus that says being taken up.  But I asked them when does it says you will be raptured before the tribulations. They come back with more versus but the question remains when?  Do they believe they will skip out on the judging part?  All will be judged. Jesus said go and sin no more when he forgive sins to  everyone.  How many of you have sinned no more afterward? Jesus said Every One will be judged. He didn’t say every one except the Christians.  He said it and meant it.

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The Sons Of The Confedercy Are Here In Memphis

Here in the most racial city around the nation, out of the 1o most violent cities of the nation not region, we come in 3rd place.  The most violent race is black here in Memphis.  They kill one or four everyday.  Mostly over drug deals, beating babies to death, beating and shooting their wife or girlfriend or drive bys.  Lovely, strong image for the black community now isn’t it?  Their role models in government are thieves, con artists, take brides for votes for corporations biding for the city contracts.   Let me tell you, the school bus contract drive (which they pass out employment applications in front of the jail)and don’t care if you have had many wrecks, drivers smoking pot in the school buses, they change the times of arrivals so they don’t ever show any late pick up, I know they all were told by the boss  red lights changed because I worked there.  I saw it happen daily.  You can’t have any red lights showing, ever.  I informed them they could lose the contract with the city and county for what they were doing.  Government fraud.  I was fired for that and Oh, yeah it was a black owned business. Then the mayor told them to start an ambulance service and he would get the contract from the city to work.  I asked him if he knew how much it would cost to outfit an ambulance?  He didn’t so I told him.  This was about 12 or 13 years ago and a couple of 8 years ago I began seeing transport vans for transport for Social Security patients. He couldn’t raise the money or personal to outfit an ambulance or 4.

Blacks have spray painted on a Civil War General statue, who brought jobs to blacks and even fought for their rights after the Civil War was over.  The Civil War was over taxes on the goods they made and sold all over the world not slavery. The government wanted their slice of the pie. The federal IRS was born. It funded the Civil War and the slaughter of tens of thousands of it’s own citizens. And now that the lesson been taught is over, I’ll go back to what happened today.  Today was the second time the memorial was spray painted, first Black Lives Matter then spray painted with name of a canidate for the Mayor’s race.  This is illegal to do and there has been no cameras or police car there to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  If this was The Radical, MLK musem, it would have 24/7 guard.  The KKK organizion, at least that was the media called them and they misspeak a lot, offered to buy the statue.  Then the Sons of The Republic came down here and are now guarding the statue 24/7.  It won’t be done again. Hoorah!  Some white people are finally standing up and guarding the statue telling the black racists to piss off.  It is not a crime or a bad thing to be proud of your race.  Every body else gets to be proud of their race or culture but whites and straight people.  This is oppression of a race and culture. It’s alright to oppress whites.

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The Down Fall Of Memphis, Tn.

This city is a hell hole.  Number 3 of the nation’s most dangerous crime ridden city.  Blight is everywhere, only the rich get the services which all of us working, property owners pay for in city taxes.  The government has been investigated numerous times.  Congress men and city council members have been caught in sting operations on bribery charges the they scream it was RACISM!!!!  That’s the only reason they picked on the poor officials, they were black.  I can tell you when and why the city of Memphis went to hell in a hand basket.  Back in the mid eighties, this city was doing well, services got done, the city was clean, got a city Beautiful Award, new businesses where coming here and it was under Mayor Dick Hackett, a white person.  Then the negro worship came to town.  It started out with a law suit against the Jail, saying there was discrimination because there were more blacks than whites in jail.  Well, Duh…blacks commit more crimes than whites and that a documented fact.  Then election year rolled around.  Willie Harrington, who ruled for twenty years, a black man was running for Mayor that year and city hall was getting darker and darker.  At Christmas time when Santa came to visit City Hall, I was there.   Santa came down the stairs and wait for it…..wait for it…  he was black.  A co-worker and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.  Then the white directors of departments were not being re appointed and were being replaced by black directors who didn’t know their ass from a hole in the wall.  Ask me how I know?  My department was one that was taken over.  In the years before, I was in charge of the siren and warning system and any hazardous materials spills or radiation exposure reporting to the state.  I was an advanced Haz Mat instructor and trained other first responders.  My office was turned up side down and all my files on the placement, maintenance of the siren warning system was thrown into the storage room haphazardly.  They didn’t even know Where the siren were or their capabilities.  I know this because just a few years ago on  television was an interview of the manager of EMA was asked about the siren going off all over the city when only a small section of the city was involved with the incident, and his reply was that they didn’t have that capability.  BULLSHIT!!!!  They had that capability back in the 1984.  The moron negroes running the place had no idea.  They didn’t provide more service out of the budget but their offices looked like they worked in Manhattan. When white folks worked there, we had standard issue government desks and chairs. The darker the city got the more white people and business left Memphis.  Call it white flight if you want to because that was exactly what it was.  We didn’t want to deal with the thievery, crime, drugs and other bullshit that goes along with it.  Memphis just a few months ago, was expecting a large business to move here.  They didn’t choose Shelby County but a neighboring county.  Want to know why?  The work force in Memphis.  The employee pool of Memphis.  It went where the I.Q. was higher and the crime rate was lower. The city has abandoned business and houses and the city does not one thing about it.  The violent crime rate is scarey and the amount of babies that are killed by their mothers or their mother’s boyfriend is so much higher than other cities.  We’ve had a couple this week that were beaten to death.  Every day, there are negroes killing other negroes with some as high as 4 in one day in this city.  I once heard a cop says the way to rid this city of violent negroes was to fence the projects in and throw one gun over the fence.  Just one, that was all it would take.  And I have to agree.  Fence in the whole city and throw twelve guns in.  That would make Memphis a much safer place.  Oh yeah, and one city council woman was taped assaulting a white woman over a parking spot.  She also called a white city council member a KKK clan member and said, Hey you, you in the white sheet. Nothing was done about this bitch and the mayor backed her. Do you see now why most of the white people have left?  This city has been run by black democrats for 30 years and we are already a little Detroit.  They said that 20 years ago and we seem to be keeping pace with Detroit.  Little Chicago.  They have defaced Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest statue and dug a hole in his grave site.   The news crew even had the perpetrators on camera smiling about it and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT.  A man (white) drove from Corinth Ms. and a patch of soil from his own yard to refill the hole and the grass.  What they did was a crime and no one paid for it as always.  They want it gone.  Racism is big business here in Memphis.  The National Civil Rights Museum where MLK was shot is here.  Have to keep that racism alive to bring in the dollars.  Now Farrakhan is coming to the Convention Center tonight for his twenty anniversary of the million man march.  Just keep stirring that shit pot!  I am so sick of this city’s shit.

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Angel At Wal-Mart and Other Strange Going’s On

Yesterday I just had to go to Wal-Mart.  I have been boycotting Wal-Mart for the things they are doing like Not selling things with a confederate flag, but I needed a new vacuum so I went.  My phone began ringing when I was driving.  I never answer my phone when driving not just because they say not to but because I drive a manual transmission and need both my hands and both feet to drive.  As I was walking thru the parking lot my phone began to ring again but the sunlight was so harsh I couldn’t see.  When I got in the door, I saw it was my husband calling and he won’t stop until I answer my phone, so I called him back.  I told him were I was and what I was doing.  Then I walked back to the section I needed when I heard my name being called out over the loud speaker to come to customer service?  I wondered why ever would I be called for.  My husband knew where I was, I didn’t go shopping with anyone so they couldn’t be looking for me either.  I knew I hadn’t hit anyone in the parking lot and I damn sure wasn’t stealing anything.  So I walked up to the customer service area and there stood a policeman.  He asked if I was she and I said yes.  Then he handed me my checkbook.  Oh Lord!!!  He told me one of the homeless people found my check book in the parking lot and turned it straight to the police man.  I couldn’t believe it.  I asked the police man if he knew who it was and he said sure.  I followed him outside and met the man.  I told him how much I appreciated him and handed him twenty dollars. He stuck out his hand to thank me and I hugged him. My angel in disguise at Wal-Mart.  I must have dropped it digging thru my purse for my phone when my husband called.  So, the moral of that story is don’t judge a book from it’s cover.

I haven’t been excited over a Presidential Race in many decades, but this one has got to be the best ever!  I just love Trump!  He is speaking for so many of the American people.  You know, the real ones not the illegal ones.  Build that wall!!!  We rednecks will man defense of the wall free of charge!  We’ll stand at the wall and when one of those illegal sums bitches tunnel under BAM! goes the back of the shovel to their heads and you stopped an illegal without a single shot!  When other people says how stupid he is I just ask, What’s in your wallet?  lol.  I want him to bring back the America I remember.  Where everyone worked for a living instead of leeching off the welfare government pay outs.  When each person can work hard and be the best instead of  special rights for special individuals.  Where you are not judged based on the color of your skin but by the content of your character just like MLK said instead of all this Black Lives Matter bullshit.  All lives matter.  If black lives matter so much, why aren’t you marching in the black cities where blacks kill blacks on a daily basis?   I live close to a city that ranks in the 10 ten for the most violent city.  Number 3 on that list. And with a Mayor that says the city doesn’t have enough money to pay police and fire personal but has money enough to want to destroy a Civil War veterans statue and his grave because black lives matter.  Aren’t the rest of you sick of this shit?  Oh yeah and a white police man was gunned down by a black criminal just days before.  If you are white, you best not be walking here after dark. It’s a death sentence.  If black lives matter, march in Orange Mound, the projects and south Memphis where they are killing each other all the time.  But black lives only matter if a white person kills a black.  Check the stats. it’s all true.

I feel like something big and bad is coming.  I always wondered what reason I came to the earth.  What is my mission in life?  I think we are all here at this time and place for a reason.  To witness something?  To experience something?  Yes indeed.

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Will This Happen Before Or After 2016?

I have been watching what’s been going on in our crazy country. Killing babies and selling the parts, arming Iran, government corruption, they now want to take guns from senior citizen and people on disability that cannot take care of them selves and the list just goes on and on.  A lot of people don’t like Trump but I think he is a rallying call for the people who are just fed up with our government and the decline of our nation.  You know before Obama’s term is out he is going to do a false flag to call martial law and cancel the elections because he is not finished destroying our country.  Or start WWIII.  Give Iran the go ahead on nuclear material.  Poking Russia in the eye with a sharp stick isn’t the smartest thing you can do or is it his plan on destroying America?  The government is watching and recording every thing we do and everywhere you go. What are we going to do when the police start confiscating our guns? What are we going to do when the government starts knocking on your door because you are an American terrorist because you are not happy with the things going on? What are we going to do when they start filling up the re-education camps? What are we going to do?

If Obama gets his way, I think we should go west. Away from the east coast.  The rumor or fact, I don’t know which, of an asteroid, is supposed to hit the Atlantic Ocean.  But I was not thinking of the mountain to hit us but to get away from Washington.  It’s going down and the people with any common sense see that.  Could Trump lead the way?  A rally call?  He has the balls to do it and the money to back it up.  Being as the government and trolls want you to keep wallowing in it.

I see a Civil War coming which Obama has been trying to start ever since he came into office.  At least I hope white folks will stand up instead of the same ole same ole that is just going to get much worse.

Obama should have been arrested along time ago and his cronies in the white house, house and senators for treason.  Why did they all go along with Obama when they knew, during his campaign that he wasn’t even an American citizen? They should be all thrown out.  I just don’t understand.

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I’ve Been Blocked! Oh My!

I’ve been blocked on G+ by one of the folks I have been following on youtube since the show Doomsday Preppers. He came across like a crazy loon, but he didn’t do much to dissuade the idea either, what with him wearing a coon skin hat. He wore it everywhere. Court, T.V. and in his videos.  Dsart1. But Dave isn’t stupid. He knows a lot about prepping and such. I was a fan of his. But when the War Hero John McCain was dissed, and I didn’t condemn Trump but praised him, he blocked me. Why can’t I be blocked by Trolls? But anyway, my feelings are still the same. While John McCain was doing Television interviews condemning America to the enemies for better treatment, my brother-in-law was in the jungle being sprayed with Agent Orange and taking shrapnel from the bombs of explosives peppering his body. The Agent Orange is courtesy of our own government. They used it to deforest the jungles. Our men were in those jungle and got sprayed with poison. The Army hid the reports and information about Agent Orange from the public and veterans.  He, my brother-in-law,  had to have the gumpsion to stay on them, call his senator (which told him bald face lies, War hero Senator McCain are you listening) call, call, call and make triplicates of everything before he got this benefits.  Agent Orange.  It ate him up. Cancer. Terrible pain in his back from the shrapnel from the bombs. Night terrors or PTSD.  He’d have flashbacks of the  horror scenes from over there.   No one in government called him a hero. As a matter of fact he had to wait months and months for an appointment while the cancer spread everywhere.  His back, his stomach just eating him alive.  The government denied his disability from V.A. benefits. The only thing the government did for him was making him one of the first picks for a job at the Post Office.  No he wasn’t a mail carrier he was in the IT department. He died at home, in his home racked in pain. Do you want to know what the hospice nurse wanted his caretakers, my sister and my Mom, to do for him? Make sure you give him an enema. That was so she didn’t have to clean his shit up when he died. Can you think of anything more horrible than that?  Of course they didn’t do it.  With a supposed war hero in government making votes on the benefits to the veterans.  Why?  John McCain doesn’t seem so heroic to me.  An asswipe but not a hero.

Or, it could be that I asked him something it said in the Bible about end times and God’s promise to us of everlasting life with him.  Okay so I asked him about after all the bad people and gods are dead in the war of good and evil and then God brings down the new heaven and the new earth and locks Satan away for 1000 years.  Wait! What?  Only a thousand years?  What about everlasting?  We played this game for thousands of years and we only get 1000?  Dave knows a lot about the Bible.  He speaks out against preachers preaching a false word. I commend that.  So I wanted to know his opinion.  I have a lot of questions about different things in the Bible and thought I’d ask.  I don’t think Dave likes a woman’s opinion  a whole lot. But that’s  just my thoughts on it.

So anyway, I’ve been blocked. So What?  He has the freedom to do that.  I just thought it was funny he blocked me.

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