Race Talk

Let’s Talk About Race. A friend came over and we were sitting around talking when the local news came on about a mob of ” youffs” beating and kicking a man who  walked an elderly white woman to her car because she was afraid of the”youffs”.  She was paying for gas at a store and walking back.  The mob was made up of black students waiting for a bus to take them to school. College I think. The crowd of black lawless, violent, criminal racist animals attacked ensued. The mob jumped on the man after he got the lady in the car. Surrounding him, kicking, punching, stomping. The victim of the stomping was black so it wasn’t a hate crime.
The friend told me it wasn’t a black/white thing. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised quizzically and asked him the color of the mob? Then told him it was about blacks hatred of whites plain and simple. He said he was considered a “nigger” back in his day. He was the one stealing. I then told him the culture was an example of being raised in a home with no father in the home. Alcoholic mothers. I had a strong father in my life that said he don’t leave family.  A good role model.

He didn’t want to talk about it. Race that is. A stereotype.  Stereotype for a reason. You know it.
I told him I was just brutally honest about it. Numbers baby numbers. Watch the racial demographic change and watch the crime stats soar. Businesss’ going out of business, moving out of the area, crime rates roar, property values dives. Numbers baby numbers. Now, add the race of the predators versus the victim. Predators = Black
Victims = White.
Now we have a Presidential Candidate that has marked Latino instead of white. Wonder how many Latinos mark white instead? Manipulating numbers to make more ‘white’ perps.
Oh, and it was in the same parking lot as the incident where a mob of these youths of over one hundred stomped white employees at KROGER’s parking lot down on the main drag and any black person that tried to help them. How in the hell is this not a hate crime?
He didn’t want to talk to me any more. Well, to be honest, he’s his friend not mine. He told me he didn’t need a woman’s crap. That’s why he didn’t have one. I asked him how numbers lie and be racist? He had to leave then. I don’t think he likes me much.  It seems I have ruffled his feathers.

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Dear Christians & Conservatives: Here’s One Reason Why We Lose


Warrior Or Wussfied?

Originally posted on What Did You Say?:

Written by Doug Giles on April 12, 2015

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I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield’s musings on warriors and warfare and this quote struck me like Ike Turner punching Tina when she fell flat while singing, “Rolling On The River”. Check it out. “The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they.” – Plutarch, Sayings Of The Spartans. And that, my friend, is one of the big differences between a warrior and a wuss.

A wuss, you see, looks for an excuse to run (I/we don’t have “enough”), but a warrior looks for the opportunity to throttle the enemy.

The strange thing is that, nowadays, in our aggravated state of wussification, one would call the inquirer of how many foes are arrayed 200 years agoagainst them “a wise calculator of the risks involved” and whether or not they are able to contend…

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Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?


Tea Parties united and take back our country!

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“It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what politics you subscribe to, or what God you worship: we are all potential suspects, terrorists and lawbreakers in the eyes of the government.

In other words, if and when this nation falls to tyranny, we will all suffer the same fate: we will fall together. However, if it is possible to avert such an outcome, it will rest in us remembering that we are also all descendants of those early American revolutionaries who pushed back against the abuses of the British government. These people were neither career politicians nor government bureaucrats. Instead, they were mechanics, merchants, artisans and the like—ordinary people groaning under the weight of Britain’s oppressive rule—who, having reached a breaking point, had decided that enough was enough.

The colonists’ treatment at the hands of the British was not much different from the abuses meted out to the American…

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American Genocide

We have all heard the rumors.  With the immigration in the shape its in and the economical downslope of the country, there were wild rumors sweeping the nation.  How will this country survive taking on millions and millions of people who have no jobs, no housing, no food, no healthcare?  Obama has told us he has a plan to take care of all that.  The immigrants would be tax paying people and contribute to the economy and funding the federal government so he could take care of us all.  Except, what jobs?  The ones that don’t exist even for our own people?  The jobs Americans don’t want?  Like what job?  Our economy is in terrible shape.  Sales are down and the stock market is plunging up and down.  Most of our jobs are low paying for lowly skilled people.  Minimum wage.  Could one of these reasons be the Political Correctness of our government?  When you can’t call a spade a spade?  Because it might hurt someone’s feelings.  It’s alright for the spade to get up into your face hitting and screaming at you because of the color of your skin, the fact that you are a heterosexual or if you are carrying a bible.  It’s alright to chop Christians heads off.  It’s not even kicked off youtube for being violent.  Or how about those stoning in backwards third world countries? But, I digress, back to the illegals and the Mexicans drug gangs, gang bangers.  They are crawling all over California now and anywhere else that takes federal money.  That’s how to track it, follow the money as in every case.  Which states receive the most federal money?  They have no choice but to take in the illegals if they want to keep getting that dough.  After all, they don’t have a GDP ( translate working people) and depend on the federal government for their very existence. That means putting more federal money back into the state.  You, you know who you are, are working to support all these people.  You work, the government takes it away from you and redistributes it so everyone can live like you do.  They  ( the immigrants )  don’t even have to get dressed much less go to work to have the same things as you.

Now we have this Jade Helm thing.  They say they have told the elected officials and policing agencies what to expect.  And what should they expect to see?  Military people rounding up and transporting civilians.  Hummm…   Any particular type of civilian? Attack on our border?  Pandemic? What attack?  We Have No Border!  Obama has literally dissolved our borders and all kinds of illegal immigrants are pouring and have been pouring in daily for years.  How is that supposed to protect us and be good for our country?  A lot of those immigrants have sworn death to this country.  Death to this country kind of involves death to the citizenry don’t you think?

I can not understand why Obama is still in office or as a matter of fact why are any of our elected officials are?  Obama and all the news media, big money people and corrupt government are the ones responsible for the shape we are in now.  Why did our Congress not throw him out as soon as they knew what was up with him?  Why wasn’t he properly vetted?  Why did our free press buckle and refuse to out him?   Now it is plain they should all be put out or in jail.  Why isn’t our military taking him out?  I think Obama is setting this country up to fall to hostile enemies.  Islam anyone?

Or how about poking Russia, the only other super power in the world, in the eye with a sharp stick?  Obama has done this more than once and seems like he thinks he can do it again.  I guess that’s one way to rid the world of infidels.  It might get them too but they have 70 virgins waiting on them.  Rumor is Russia wants to bomb Yellowstone if Obama keeps poking him.  That and the San Andreas fault line.   What you don’t think about is the New Madrid.  The fault that can split the United States in two pieces.

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Aunt Margarita Buried Her Son Today

Today was a sad day.  Aunt Margarita buried her son today.  He was 67 and disabled.  Aunt Margareta is 93 and she made a bargain with God and asked him if he would let her live so she could take care of her son.  Well, I think that bargain has expired.  God let her live to take care of him.  She always worried about who would take care of him if she died before he did.  But Aunt Margaret is still kicking, though not so high anymore.  It gives her comfort to know he is in heaven and no longer disabled.  I got so lost going to the funeral home and I stopped and got directions from people and they’d say Sure, go down two lights and turn right or another would tell me it’s right down the road and turn left.  No body knew where the funeral home was so I stopped at the nearest fire department to ask directions. I knew if any body knew, it would be emergency services.  Finally I got there.  Everybody was already there when I got there.  I stopped by Aunt Margaret’s wheelchair and sat on the floor talking to her for a few minutes.  She loves Starbucks crescent  rolls and an oatmeal cookie.  I knew she hadn’t eat hardly anything that day so I stopped and got her the treats.  I hope she will eat them.

I found my family seated with Momma and my sister and my aunts and uncles.  Being as I’m deaf in one ear, I sat in front of them, about middle ways so my good ear was towards them.  Before the service started we were talking and everybody got to talking about my blogs and one Aunt asked me if my mission in life is to piss people off.  I told her no, but I couldn’t put up with stupidity.  After the service, I asked the same Aunt if my blogs piss them off, then why are you reading them?  Unfollow me, defriend me on facebook, what ever you had to do to not see me.  One Aunt wouldn’t even speak to me.  because some of   my blogs about blacks mooch off the government and trying to commit white genocide.  Her husband is black.  I don’t know if it had anything to do with it, but what else?  He is the one who compared my writings to Mark Twain.  I thank him because I loved Mark Twain.  After I got home, I thought about it and threw my head back and laughed hard.  Mark Twain was removed from the school because he was so racist.  Her black husband is an English teacher at school, so he knew what he was saying to me.  Mark Twain just spoke of the times and the way it was.  Being PC is ruining this country and I for one am sick of it and won’t do it anymore.  I am white and proud and if that tics people off then so be it.

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She’s gone again.

I took a picture of myself today and captioned it, All dressed up and Nowhere To Go. I didn’t get a text today. Her mother said they were going home today and she said after she ate breakfast she would text us. Or something close to that. That’s what I heard anyway, so I got up, took a bath, styled my hair and put on my sparkly red shirt and the so ever slimming black pants. I sat and sat, waiting on that little blue light to start blinking. It didn’t come or blink.

Did she think I was crazy or what? I couldn’t help the way I felt. Looking at every inch of her face over, looking at the similarly between her face and Brad’s. My son is dead. I was seeing his face in duplicate. I touched her face. I asked her if I could get one more hug. She has eyes that are shaped like mine I think. When she hugged me she was stiff. Freaking out I think. Overwhelmed although we tried not to do it. I wrote her Mom a couple of long message and I haven’t received an answer to either. One before the meet and one after.

Blood will out.

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When racism isn’t racism (and why all white people are heroes)

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Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation:

People of several different races are having a public event. Two people of one specific race show up to cover the event. Someone at the event says, “We don’t want that race here.” The two race-offenders are escorted out of the event, despite the fact that they had personally done nothing wrong. They were journalists, and were kicked out of the event simply because of their skin color.

Now let’s say there was a backlash. The event organizers took some heat for barring one race from the event. You might think the event organizers would apologize, promise sensitivity training, insist the two people were kicked out because of one person’s mistake instead of any discriminatory policy, and claim the entire thing was just a misunderstanding. Or maybe they’d immediately fire/exile/expel/charge whomever kicked people out because of their race. Isn’t that what always happens when an…

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