The annual Memphis In May is going on or as those who live in or close to Memphis, we know it by the name Memphis In Mud.  Yeah!  Nothing better than walking in a mud hole with a mile long stream of drunks, pissing and vomiting everywhere, umbrellas poking you in the eye and wearing wet clothes! Doesn’t that sound like fun?  A lot of people seem to like it.  They do have Music Fest too and performers. Bands. Good Bands and the same ole’ local ones.  I know.  I sound like fun too.  But that’s just not my thing.  I don’t drink. It makes me feel rotten.  My son wasn’t much of a drinker either.  He might drink half a can of beer and carry it around all night.  My Granddaughter turned 18 last Christmas.  She tried alcohol and it didn’t agree with her either.  She said she love the way alcohol makes her feel but throwing up is way worse. I know, she must be twenty one to buy beer but what teenager doesn’t drink?  The intorerance must be Indian blood.  My Granddaughter gets it from both sides.  Speaking of the Music at Memphis in Mud and my granddaughter went for her first time this year.  She finished school, got a job and the hand me down family car.  All by 18.  She wasn’t one that was rushing to get her license, preferring to be a passenger.  Personally, I hate riding with someone else who doesn’t share my view of driving.  I don’t know if she drove down there or rode but I would lay good money on her being a passenger.  She would be scared to death to drive in the mad house that is Memphis in May.  Or park and folks jacking everything off your vehicle.  Watch aggressive panhandlers too.  They get in your face, demanding money.  Even your animals.  Not in parking lot mind you but hotels and walking down the street.  Oh yeah!  We are in the top  10 most violent cities in the nation.  Number 3 as a matter of fact.  And racism is the name of the money making GAME!  The Loraine Motel is where the angry Negros gather. Then the tackiest thing of All,  Graceland.  Go look at Elvis’s shag carpet.  The T.V. with legs like the one he shot, down a long Hall Way with golden Albums and Outfits. They hustle you along so the next tour can come in.  I haven’t been in a long time but the neighborhood has gone down even more since I went.  Better come packing to this town.  Memphis is little Detroit and getting bigger by the day.  In a city that has been Democrat run for 35 years and has a 85% black population and they scream Racism and  Police Brutality!?  It started turning dark the last year, election year, that I worked there in 1984.  It was widely know even before the election that the Black Canidate was going to win.  The race was tight and they had the option of demanding a recount but didn’t and there was proven voter fraud.  They once again captured the cemetary vote. They gave the election away.  Then the positions in City Government were filled with political hacks, big money donors and a just friends.  The city services went down the drain, cadillac escalads appeared in the  government car pool,the police force is mostly white or used to be, before they lowered the requirements to join, and these are the most violent negros in the Nation??  Please, give me a fucking break!  The City Counsel screams Racism, that ever popular commodity, when the police kick the shit out of these slopes.  I’d like to see them do the same job and see what they think then.  They’ve shot a couple of cops this year.

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Living Dead

I am dying. I am medicated to the gills. I can’t think, and I don’t care about shit. Nothing. I am bi-polar and am on heavy duty drugs. Lots of them. People who knew me before says I’m like meeting a new person. Yeah, one that sits down and doesn’t say anything that makes anyone mad. I can’t live like this anymore. Like a Zombie. I don’t care if the house is clean or the laundry gets done or what’s for dinner. I care about nothing. I’m going to stop taking this shit and see if I can’t claw my way out of this haze.

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I have been a Trump supporter since day one.  I cheer for him on all his answer. They look way better than anybody else. His support of America and her citizens, not for all the criminals sneaking their way undocumented into America They are in fact a trogon horse. They all hate America and to kill nonbelievers.

His business plan for our economy is so intelligent.  Bringing back skilled jobs instead of burger flippers, waitresses and retail sales.  No skills needed for them.  And the thought of paying these idiots 15.00 an hour turns my stomach.  If you’re stupid, it makes life harder on you than me. Go ahead, get those section 8 housing, food stamps and keep pumping out those paystubs you don’t want and certainly don’t take care of. They hate Trump because they will have to work for a living instead of taking our money to give to these lazy, stupid who will not work.

Tossing our the corrupt government we have now and bring us back to the America we had.  I miss America.

Building our Military back and taking care of vets before illegals. What American citizens want.

Now, onto the matter that is really hard to write. Trump has come along at a Messianic time.  The Jews are looking for theirs, Muslims for theirs and Christians for the return of Christ.  Our world is in turmoil and looking for a savior.  One that can fix our problems   Donald Trump could be a candidate for the Anti-Christ.  Yes I said it.  I hate to state it for one reason, I would look stupid as shit if I printed this but I feel I have too.  I’ve felt this way for a long time. It’s tearing me into pieces. Now, let take apart the immigration thing.  It could lead us into being chipped to show we are real Americans, chips to show illegals don’t belong in our country.

Money. I know we need our jobs back and work to support our families and have a little left over for a rainy day.  Could  be all about money?  We all need more of it but the government takes away so they can spend more?  Taxes.  Wasn’t that what started Jesus death?  I don’t know.  The Bible has told us that money is the root of all evil. I am not a religious person but I do know what the Bible says.  That’s one of the reason I don’t go to Church is the hypocritical Church.  Churches are following P.C. down to the letter and preaching things that are in direct violation of the scripture.

The Poem The Snake was directed at Lyin’ Ted but what if Trump was straight up telling us we knew damn well he was a snake before you let me in?

I sincerely hope Trump is the only man for the job of President and not something else.

What are your thoughts on this matter?  I really want to know.

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Becareful. God Does Answer Your Prayers

It just occurred to me the other day that God did answer my prayers. God did exactly what I asked him to do.  Bring my son home.  I used to spend hours staring at the dark ceiling, into the night sky or sitting in my car, thinking , wishing and  praying about my son. Wondering where he was, if he had a place to live, if he had food to eat and begging God to bring my baby home.  My son spread his wings early and flew them around the country.  From West Coast to East Coast.  It appeared he like the west coast better.  He was a tattoo artist and flew by the seat of his pants. His lifestyle didn’t match the dreams I had for him.  He had plans of his own. Yes, he was so very talented but he wanted to express his art in his own way instead of using that talent to get a “real” job like Momma wanted him too. Graphic Artist, marketing, etc. So, he left to pursue his dreams.  It would sometimes be months if not a year before I would hear from him. He would call me if he landed in jail or was out on the street and needed his Momma. I was always there for him. Begrudely, but there.  Momma was always the soft place to land when he dragged his butt back home.  That’s why I was praying and throwing my hands in the air. I often feared him dying on the streets and being an unnamed John Doe, laying unclaimed in the morgue for years.  Then I remembered they could identify him by his fingerprints as his adventures had landed him in jail a few times.  Yes, he had dental records too.  This was my fear for years until God answered my prayer. But not in a way that I had ever considered.  My son died in the same county where we lived.  He was in jail and hanged himself.  They came and notified me the next morning so he didn’t lie around unclaimed.  My son was home and God took him home so I wouldn’t have to worry where he was, if he had enough to eat, was he happy?  Now, I’m sick at my stomach.  Did praying for him hasten his death? Although he died 5 and 1/2 years ago, it still seems like yesterday.  The pain is still there, everyday. I still sit and stare out the window wondering why.  I was an awful Momma. I failed my child.

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White Genocide

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A Nun’s Testimony: Sister Charlotte Keckler-Raped By Drunken Priests Who Then Go To Mass To Hear Con… –

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God, Satan and Jesus

I read the Bible. I have also read many of the books that were kicked out of the Bible.  The book of Genesis and the Old Testament tell of God in the beginning.  Everybody knows that God created everything including Adam and Eve.  The Bible said Let us make man in our image.  Hummm…. us, our?  But back to why they made us.  Because there was no one to till the soil after they made the garden of Eden.  Don’t believe me, look it up.  As a matter of fact, don’t believe anything I tell you.  Just look it up for yourselves. So, there were Adam and Eve in the garden and God kicked them out for not obeying him. Not a reprimand.  How about a punishment that doesn’t go so far as kicking them out.  Pretty Harsh considering what’s going on now days and not a blink from God, but anyways, there they were.  Nothing knowing how to do anything to sustain themselves. Not of eating, dressing or anything else.  If God loved us so much, why did he kick man out of the garden with no knowledge  of how to survive?  Was he done with us?  Wanting us to die?  Now enter Satan.  Satan was the one that taught Adam and Eve how to feed themselves, how to dress themselves, of making implements for sustaining live and the cutting of roots.  The cutting of roots meant healing.  God made everything on the earth that we would need, but refused to give Adam and Eve any information of how to use them. The humans got blamed for learning how to survive.  What if God and Satan are two different sides to the coin?  God cursed us. Satan helped us.  Of course Satan is evil.  Maybe he taught us just to spite God.  I really don’t know. The people of the day didn’t get to go to heaven because Heaven was closed to them. Per God. Now, let’s move on to Noah. God decided only Noah and his family were worthy and he killed everybody, animals, flora it all went.  What I want to know is, if God knows everything why even bother making us?  Abraham was chosen because he pick our God to worship out of the many  other gods.  What I want to know is, What other choices did we have?  Abraham father was a high priest of another God and he tested his fathers god.  What’s that old saying, Do not test the Lord your God?  Then why was it Okay to test his father’s god but know our own?  If you really get into the saga of Abraham, you will see that Sarah was 10 years old at the time he picked her to wed. That’s left out of Genesis in the Bible but the book of Enoch, it mentions the age and so much more.  The Bible Genesis is the readers digest of Genesis. God asked Abraham to scarify his son Jacob. Why? To prove Abraham’s love of God?  That sounds like Allah of the muslims. Now doesn’t that suck that God would use a method like that to prove a person’s love?  The giants offspring were to be slaughtered.  This is nothing they can do about being born that way.  It was a deed done  long before their lives began. God of the Old Testament was a mean spiteful God and he just does not jive with the image of God in the New Testament.  Jesus’s greatest commandment was to love your neighbors as you love yourself.  Now, does that say anywhere, that a neighbor must be Christians?  The New testament is all about love and how to love. To show them the way to Christianity through love, not punishment.  The people of the Old Testament hated Jesus. these same people cried out to crucify Jesus.  Jesus took the souls that were in the shoal from the Old Testament and took them to heaven. Adam, Abraham, Noah, Elijah, John the Baptist and many others.  It seems the New testament rocked the Old Testament and rocked it good.  A clear cut difference between old and new. Jesus taught people how to pray, Our father who art in heaven.  Now, how about that?  I’m looking for answers but clear answers. Please feel free to enlighten me.

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