Rh negative, Blue Blood, Aliens, Reptiles

Today I would like to write about my blood type and the many stories surrounding it.  My blood type is A-.  No scientist can tell you where it came from. It does not exist any where in nature.  Only 15% of the world’s population has Rh negative blood.  It is called blue blood.  I certainly am not royalty nor a president as some like to think about Rh negative blood.  A lot of Royalty and Presidents do have Rh negative though. I wish they would throw some money and power my way.

Some say that rh- blood is from Jesus and I stop to think.  Am I a descendant of Jesus?  Probably not.  They say that the blood on the Shroud of  Turin is AB negative.  AB blood is very rare, either positive or negative, but especially negative.  My father was AB negative.  Maybe he was from off planet.

They also say that I may be descendant from the Reptilian Aliens.  I do get cold easy, have low blood pressure, but no tail or extra vertebrae.  I don’t think I’m a snake either. Others say I could be from any alien from off world.  I have been looking for the mother-ship to come pick me up.

People with O negative can give blood to any one, so they ( like in the Red Cross) track people with O negative.  But I can only take a blood from another A negative and O negative.  But I do wonder where it came from.  I have looked it up on the computer but alas, all the weird stories and if a scientist can tell where it originally.  Some say it comes from Neanderthal, but they died out didn’t they?  If it came from the Neanderthal, where did he get it?  Enquiring minds want to know.  I ask my shrink about it and he got a little miffed when I told him I might be a descendant of Jesus.  I guess he didn’t have Rh negative blood.

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About 1wanderingtruthseeker

I'm a fiftish woman that has opinions and passions about nearly everything under the sun. I love a good debate, not name calling. I believe in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and God. I believe the government which governs the least is the best government of all. I believe in the rights of the people. I dispatched fire trucks, the Po-Po and ambulances for a long time so I have a wicked sense of dark humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I think out loud a lot times. I am offensive. But I'm offensive of everybody. Socially unacceptable, plain spoken and unashamed. If you don't want to be offend, please don't read and if you do, please consider that I'm not politically correct in any sense of the word.
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29 Responses to Rh negative, Blue Blood, Aliens, Reptiles

  1. gpicone says:

    I could be wrong but I thing if you were a descendant of Jesus that would make you God. Perhaps that’s why your shrink looked upset (Because gods are supposed to be members of his profession) Unless of course Jesus was just a guy… then of course it is quite possible.

    • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

      Of course Jesus is a man. Not just a man. The Rh negative blood is from off this planet. It doesn’t originate on earth. That’s why Imy blood doesn’t originate here either.

  2. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    You are correct about none of this is in school text and you have to find and put the puzzles pieces yourself. The Rh- cannot be cloned and it originates no where on earth. Rh- women in preg. will attack a Rh+ fetus. I know, I aborted two of them very early on. My thought on that is that an Rh-person cannot take a step down in their blood but Rh+ women can take an upgrade in her blood and will not destroy the fetus. Evolution is a theory, nothing more. Where are the millions of missing links and there would be millions? As for missing a protein that wrong too. We (rh-) did not come from monkeys. Everything on earth are made of the same DNA building blocks but we have entirely different blood. As I said an upgrade in our blood. The neanderthal was the original primitive worker for the gods. God in the Bible said he created man, because there was no one to till the soil in the garden of Eden. I can’t seem to get any one else to read or understand that. The original Adams. Then the gods had sex with the Neanderthal and made Thinking Adam or wise Adam. I believe the flood kill most of the Neanderthals. Yes and I believe white people were the original Israelites. I don’t do references either. Make the folks that want to argue look it up themselves as you and I had to do.

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Tig. hose folks live in the mountains. Check out the Rh negative rter. I don’t have any blue blood. The aliens I’m talking about collect gold. They were the gods of ancient mythology.

  4. the cosmic pilgrim says:

    Fascinating information about rh-….it leaves alot to think about!

    • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

      Indeed it does give you a lot to think about. There may be a space ship behind comet Ison that is coming to suck up all the rh-neg. folks. I won’t follow Heaven’s Gate example, they can just stop by the house.

      • the cosmic pilgrim says:

        Lolol…they probably charge extra for the door to door service….truth is, this rh negative issue is fascinating….im sure that there is alot of misinformation floating about regarding this, because it really is pointing at the rh- bring a different species of human.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Yes and people don’t want to hear that.

      • the cosmic pilgrim says:

        So true…

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Yes, people get very upset when I say I did not evolve from monkey because I have no monkey factors in my blood. They teach evolvtion in schools, but if I say I didn’t come from there, wowwww… you should here them howl.

      • the cosmic pilgrim says:

        Lolo….I suppose it offends them!….but I stil, am very curious about rh – origin…..

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        It does not orginate anywhere naturally on earth. They say the Neanderthal had rh- blood, but they also say that is Jesus’s blood type. So, people can’t call me a Neanderthal without calling Jesus a Neanderthal. lol

      • the cosmic pilgrim says:

        It seems to me that if Jesus was rh -, that many groups would try to play that down, and start attributing the rh- trait to neanderthals or to reptilians…just to create confusion and hide a truth. Personally I think that it is a trait coming from many light filled worlds that are in Jesus’ Kingdom…(the many mansions he referred to)

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        I knew I liked you for some reason! I think that too. I have always felt like I didn’t belong here. I have always looked to the heavens and prayed for Jesus to bring me home. Also, I’m a pretty smart self-taught individual. I have never thought I was evil because of my blood type and used to ask those who called me the Devils Spawn, Am I the Devil Spawn?? I never got one bold enough to answer me and there are a lot of brave people behind a keyboard on youtube.

      • the cosmic pilgrim says:

        The true and the light filled will always be attacked in this realm one way or another, because its a dark world (at least for the time being)… so their behavior towards you is just typical of their energies…stay strong to your convictions, and dont let anyone or anything ruffle you…nothing frustrates toxic people more than being with someone who follows the path of Jesus and who recognizes their cosmic citizenship in His kingdom….

    • umbriel03 says:

      I am an RH negative and AB negative this is the most rare on Earth. is that what you are? I know I and my children are different. Have always known this. Only recently understanding the significance of the blood type being the proof. I was told by my physician they would like very much to use my blood and I have been told to store my blood for my own possible future use. Do you have any direction I could follow to discover more about my origin?

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Very little information is available on Rh- blood. What I can tell you is that you could receive only two different types of blood if you needed it. AB- O- O- is the universal blood type that anyone could take. I am A-. It’s a good idea to store your own blood so it will be there if you never need it. Scientist don’t know where it originates from. They can not clone it so lat. ringers (blood substitution) is useless in that situation. It is found nowhere else in nature. One opinion is we came from off planet (think ancient aliens) from a species of lizard reptiles. to be direct descendants of Jesus Christ. His blood type from the shroud of Turin shows his blood type the same as yours AB-. There is also a people saying we came from the line of Cain. I personal think I am a descendant of Jesus Christ. We all know Jesus was not of this world. His blood type just shows that. Oh and I forgot another theory. That we are descendance of the Nephilim. Those mighty men of old. If you want information on that, read the Book of Enoch. I do not and never have felt that I belonged here. I look to the sky’s and wish to go home. We are different. We are not the same as other people. Only 6% of the whole world population is RH- The biggest concentration is in basque france of 16%.



    How many of you have seen the list of unique characteristics Rh – Negative people are supposed to born with, that is floating around online. This list came from an unidentified woman who sent an article to websites like Dee Finney’s and or Lady Lees a few years back and from there it went viral. THE PROBLEM WITH THE LIST IS THAT IT IS NOT ACCURATE. The list is a compilation of two different people groups that walked the earth both then and now. The unique characteristics attributed to a person with COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD have been BLENDED INTO THE UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES OF AN RH NEGATIVE yet they are VERY DIFFERENT BLOODLINES. Buyers Beware!!!!!!

    1. The first group is the PURE RH NEGATIVES. They are the descendents of our Scandinavian Mitochondria Mothers that we all share DNA with. They were known as PURE BLOODS. They were the original ancestors who we are all related to that had the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD until aliens entered our three dimensional world and started to clone there slave races. This is what religion refers to as “ORIGINAL SIN”.

    2. The second group whose traits have been blended in with the of traits of the PURE Rh – Negative are the alien hybrid descendents that carry COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD ANOMOLIES. Copper based blood is also known as Serpents Blood, Reptilian Blood, Fish Blood, the Bloodline of the Gods etc, because the entities who created this hybrid line were demonic beings that came up out of the sea and from inside the earth and other dimensions to clone their slave races. Those who carry the DNA of these demonic entities have COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. Now just because you carry the Copper Based Aquatic blood does not make you a BAD GUY but it does cause you a great deal of problems if you are not careful because aliens and the Shadow Government and Military target you and experiment on people who carry the COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. This blood group would be what most people consider to be Psychics, NOT intuitive but Psychics and there is a difference. They are the group that is most often abducted by aliens or have First Encounters of a 1-2-3-4th Kind.

    Thousands, possibly even millions of years ago those with COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD begin to inner breed with Rh Negatives and these descendents primarily became the Merovingians or Celtic Race. Their religious clan is also known as the “Jesuits.” They are the New Agers generally. They are also referred to as the “Tribe of Cain” or the “Tribe of Dan.” The Bible also calls them the “13th Tribe.” When you go online and read the traits attributed to the PURE RH NEGATIVES what you are actually reading are the traits of the hybrid descendents of Cains bloodline, that have been blended in with the traits of a PURE RH NEGATIVE.

    So let’s take the list of traits that are FLOATING AROUND ONLINE and break it into the two bloodline groups they actually belong to.


    Predominantly Blue Eyes and Blond Hair
    Feelings of not being part of the human race because, what is going on in our world, does not ring true to a Pure Rh Negative.
    Empathy and compassion for humanity
    Higher than average I.Q.
    Intuitive ability which is a knowing or sensing about things that other people don’t seem to have
    Lower body temperature
    Has a sense of mission. I am here for a reason.
    Empathetic Illnesses. Senses and feels the pains of others
    Healing abilities
    Sensitive to sun and heat
    Heightened sense of awareness about what is going on in our world
    A truth seeker and minister of justice, peace and love
    Ability to disrupt electrical devices because they can manipulate the electromagnetic fields around them


    Predominantly Red hair, green, hazel and brown eyes
    Extra rib or vertebra (aquatic body feature
    Feeling of originating somewhere else (off planet), or not from the earth.
    Have an affinity for science and space
    Lower body temperature
    ESP ability
    Prone to alien abductions, ghost encounters and the paranormal
    Psychic dreams

    Keep in mind that some f these traits are shared by both groups today because their has been so much inner breeding. The unique feature about the PURE Rh Negatives is they seem to have been designed in such a way that they can’t be cloned. This is not true for the Copper Based Aquatic Serpent and Reptilian bloodline descendents, they have a long history of being abducted, raped, and artificially inseminated. These demonic entities we wrongly refer to as aliens abduct the Copper Based Aquatic Bloodline descendents over and over again and use them as incubators to carry their hybrid fetuses. This is also true for the Indian Adam and Black Eve races who seldom have the PURE Rh Negative factors. However these demonic entities managed to clone their hybrid slave races one of there goals was to use the PURE Rh Negative DNA in the process because of the incredible features and abilities those who had it possessed. Jesus (Yashua) taught his followers that we were so incredible at one time we could move mountains.





    We can’t fix this error fast enough.

    I have not found any articles or books sold online today about the Merovingian Rh Negative bloodline factor that don’t make the same mistake of associating those with the PURE Rh Negative blood factors with the Serpent Merovingian Bloodline that carries the Copper Based Aquatic Blood Anomolies.

    Most people have no idea that the Rh Negative Merovingian Holy Grail bloodline was a contaminated alien hybrid line. The Holy Grail authors promoting the Merovingian bloodline do not mention that the RH Negative DNA they carried was contaminated with Alien Copper Based Aquatic DNA anomalies, which is where the term REPTILIAN BLOOD CAME FROM.

    Rh Negative bloodline is the most sacred bloodline of all. In my research it belonged to our Mitochondrial Mothers whom we all share DNA with. Our Mitochondrial Mothers lived millions of years ago if not billions. No one knows for sure how long ago they were created. Our Mitochondrial mothers were incredible and way more advanced than we are today in many ways. They had the use of their full DNA strand that they were created with and they originally had no alien DNA, no Reptilian Brain, nor were their talents and abilities shut down or turned off. I am not speaking of the African Mitochondrial migrations here who according to my research were primarily hybrid lines.

    Once aliens came into our three-dimensional world they begin to rape or Mitochondrial mother. Aliens use their DNA to create human hybrids by breeding their DNA with our Mitochondria Rh Negative DNA.

    Those with the Rh + (positive) factor are the descendents of human primate inbreeding. Aliens took human DNA and they combined it with primate DNA to create the BLACK EVES like Lucy which came to be known as Intelligent Design. If you are an Rh + (positive) you test positive for Rhesus Monkey Protein. They also combined human DNA with alien DNA to create the INDIAN ADAMS. Both groups were used as slave races through out the world.

    The bloodline being featured in the Holy Grail books was the Merovingian Bloodline. They carry the Rh Negative blood factor AS WELL AS THE COPPER BASED AQUATIC DNA anomalies known as “Serpent Blood” and “Reptilian Blood”. It is known in the scientific world as copper based aquatic blood or “Blue Blood” because it turns blue under certain lighting and because woman with Rh – blood who become pregnant with and Rh + hybrid fetus in many cases can not successfully carry the baby to term because her body recognizes the baby as a foreign object and tries to spontaneously abort the fetus. Today woman can have a Rhogam shot to prevent this from happening but in prehistoric and past generations their babies would be born dead or blue do to the lack of oxygen.


    The Rh – Copper Based Aquatic “Serpent and Reptilian” bloodlines rule the world today. It is what aliens created these HYBRID bloodlines to do. They became the “Blue Bloods” of old and sat on the thrones through out history. They created the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church, which is secretly a movement, that promotes Satanism and paganism.


    They carry the Pure Blood factors that aliens crave for various reasons. Their electro magnetic fields (aura’s) are faster in general. They were originally gifted beyond belief with talents and abilities we could only dream of today. The goal of these two alien groups (Nordics and Reptilians) has always been to create the perfect human hybrid that would walk among us with out being noticed. A hybrid so perfect that no one would know that they secretly worshipped, were controlled by and guided by aliens and the “Alien Agenda’s” on earth.

    Woman with both Rh Negative and Copper Based Aquatic Blood are human alien hybrids that are often abducted over again and used as incubators in an attempt to create human hybrid children that are hard wired to these aliens and the DARK SIDE. These women may or may not remember their abduction experience but discover that they are pregnant. Three months down the line they are re-abducted and the fetus is removed. Many women talk about NOT being sexually active with a man but find themselves pregnant and have no idea why.


    MAKE SURE YOU KEEP AND EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN. Aliens and those who engage in the DARK SIDE use Rh – babies in human sacrifices because just at the moment they are killed they are so terrified that their bodies produce a chemical that aliens and those human hybrids get high off of as they suck their victims blood. Our media is simply not informing us about the alarming numbers of children gone missing in this county, it would be to alarming if the real numbers got out.

    If you are an Rh Negative person with Copper Based Aquatic blood you are targets for Demonic Possession, personal physical haunting and have probably grown up with strange experiences that frighten you. You are often in a long line of family members who have been targeted or visited by the DARK SIDE. You may have had an invisible friend as a child etc.

    Make sure that you don’t engage in negative behaviors like drugs, or get evolved with the New Age or Dark Side, Stay away from the Goth scene, rap and rock music and anything dark. This behavior will attract these demonic entities and experiences to you.

    You may be an Rh – WITHOUT the Copper Based Aquatic Anomalies, which means that in most cases you have a sort of built in protection from the DARK SIDE. You will be described as having a light bright aura. You have guardian angels around you who are actively working on your behalf to fend off the DARK SIDE as long as you do not engage in activities that draw in the DARK SIDE. In my research Jesus (Yashua) was an Rh Negative so you are in fabulous company.


    Our Scandinavian RH – (Negative) Mitochondria Mothers had certain characteristics that made them unique and special.
    Once they were bred with alien DNA those with Copper Based Aquatic DNA had unique characteristics associated with aliens.
    Below is a list of both. I will identify which is which:
    1. Red hair and green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon (ALIEN DNA CHARACTERISTIS)
    5. Keen sight or hearing 
    6. ESP (BOTH)
    7. Extra rib or vertebrae 

    9. A Love of space and science (BOTH)
    10. A sense of not belonging to the human race (BOTH)
    11. Piercing eyes (BOTH)
    12. Para-normal occurrences (ALIEN DNA CHARACTERISTIS)
    13. Physic dreams (ALIEN DNA CHARACTERISTIS)
    14. Truth seekers (BOTH)
    15. Desire for higher wisdom (BOTH)
    16. Empathetic illnesses (BOTH)
    17. Deep compassion for fate of mankind (SCANDINAVIAN MITOCHONDRIA CHARACTERISTICS)
    18. A sense of a ‘mission’ in life (BOTH)
    20. Have unexplained scars on body (ALIEN DNA CHARACTERISTIS) 

    21. Have a capability to disrupt electrical appliances (BOTH)
22. Have had alien contacts (ALIEN DNA CHARACTERISTIS)
    Here are some of the historical origins for people with Copper Based Aquatic blood anomalies.
    1. Atlantis
    2. Old Testament Adam and Eve
    3. Sumerian Anunnaki gods which is also the origin for the Old Testament Adam and Eve story.
    4. Merovingians of southwestern Europe and the British Isles
    5. Neanderthal DNA is where the Red Hair gene came from that was bred into mankind through cloning human primate hybrids and the bloodline of Cain.
    6. Descendents of the Nephilim (Human/fallen angels or alien hybrids)


    The Sumerian hybrids were Turkish Semite archetypes or what we call the Solutrean Indian ADAMS. They carried the Copper Based Aquatic Anomalies also known as fish blood, reptilian or serpents blood because their alien progenitors reptilians and aliens (fish gods) that came from the sea. They had big gogglie eyes just like the aliens that created them.

    Those in charge of our world today (AshkeNAZIM, Sephardic Zionists (Serpents) and the Merovingian (Reptilian) bloodlines) both have COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. They are for the most part the descendents of the ancient Sumerians that also founded the later Egyptian culture after the original inhabitants disappeared.

    There are many names for these fish gods from the sea. They are associated with Dagon, Mithra the Sun God etc., who are all connected to the fish god legends. This is why we know today that the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church is a satanic institution, they secretly promote the FISH GOD and carry their satanic symbols like the crooked cross.

    Jesus Yashua was part of our original Scandinavian Mitochondria bloodline line, which was PURE Rh Negative. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and quit listening to the Alien Agenda version of human origins that come from Sumeria, Atlantis, Lumeria and other hybrid cultures. Realize that the list floating around online about the unique traits of a PURE Rh Negative is not accurate it is a BLENDED LIST of traits that are found in both those with PURE Rh Negative Blood and Copper Based Aquatic Blood.

    A.G.L. Buyers Beware

    • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

      WOW! I have got to check out the links you sent. No wonder I have always looked for the mothership to come get me!

  6. I haven’t a clue as to what my blood type is…. I should find out. If I’m related to Jesus I could sue Religion for the unauthorized use of his name.

  7. janna hill says:

    I had a theory., even wrote a thesis on the topic. I may at some point dig it out of the archives and stir the royalty vs. reptilian pot once more. :)

    • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

      Please do! I love reading things about my past or my blood types past. I went out with a anthropologist that thought neanderthal didn’t die out, that they were the Jewish people. Before he told me the story, he asked me if I was Jewish. I do believe the bastard called me a neanderthal! ( by the way, we met on a blind date. Never again!)

  8. hiddinsight says:

    You are hilarious!!! Who knew you could write so much about blood :) I’m A- but my dad was O

  9. MG says:

    Lol…well smell you, princess, st. alien, first lady! ;)

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