How Much More Is It Going To Take?

I just don’t know how long everyone is going to wait before they realize that Obama is a Muslim and everything he has done has been against Christianity done for Islamic religion.  They are crucifying Christians over seas and no one will do or say anything about it.   Even after hearing the Pope confess that Allah and God are the same.  Even after not one Christians Church is doing anything about it. Obama has back the Muslims or ‘rebels’ since he has been in office.  He is trying to crucify Israel too.  Muslims hate Jews and if you read just a little about their end times savior and what he has in store for Israel.  To destroy Israel and Egypt.  Kill every Jew in site, to the point of saying the trees will even tell that a Jew is hiding behind it.  I hate these smart ass people that deny this and having not even read a word about it.  Preachers are helping the Anti-Christ come in to power.  They agree with the Pope.  Welcoming Allah as the same as God.

Now, let’s move onto how Obama and his cronies tearing down this United States, our rights, financially and now has opened the border to people that have sworn to bring America down and fly a black Islamic flag over the White House.  What in the hell is wrong with people?  Why is that Son of A Bitch still in the White House and have not been physically removed from the Oval Office?  Now with all the alien ‘children’ that we supposedly HAVE to take care of, our collapse was coming before and now it is here with this influc of illegal immigrants.  Hell no, we do not have to take care of them.  Send them back.  How in the hell do you think they got to the border in the first place.  That sad sorry about them walking, struggling the many miles they had to come is complete and utter Bull Shit. My state has 760 illegals at last count, that have been dumped and the Governor didn’t even know they were coming or where they are now.  They won’t tell him anything.  Muslim are coming over here hand over fist and not children either.  Gang members, child molesters, murderers, rapist, etc.  I don’t even recognized the America I grew up in anymore.  It appears that we are just going to lay down and let them do it too.  Just like the Jews in Nazi Germany who didn’t believe their government would do that to them. I don’t know where the brave men and women of this brave country have gotten off to.  I can’t do a lot of marching but I’m a damn good shot.

I must apologize for my language.  I am very upset about this.

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Tyrannical Cities Test… New York City, Boston, Detroit,

New York is a tyrannical government. They (government) tried to make it illegal to get a large drink. The city were you cannot use your second amendment.  Or your first amendment either.  It might offend someone or give criminals a bad name. The Boston bombing. Where if you had a crock pot, you were a terrorist.  Martial Law test city. The useless eaters played their parts so well they are getting Emmys. Detroit. Gun Control Test. They have 30 or 40 shootings and murders everyday. Only criminals and cops with guns. And now you see how we will be treated in just a few more days or a month or two. Creat the Problem, leaving the borders wide open and tell all the “poor children” of the world to come to the United States and we will ‘ take care of you”. We the people don’t want them here so Obama gives them guns to protect them from those nasty white people. Race extermination is real.  The reaction is to take everybody’s guns.  Leaving only Military.  Cops with be no more than jail guards. Criminals will still have guns and it will be against the law to give them a bad name, afterall, they grew up in this ennvironment. Now add the Border flooding with criminals,  gang members,  welfare leeches who don’t have a clue how to work at McDonalds or anywhere else for that matter if they can’t speak English.  Or know about math or taxes. But I forgot the number of languages I’ve had to listen to before english becomes an choice.  Even 911.  To protect us we will be put in protected custody. Welcome to camp F.E.M.A.!!!!  That’s the solution!

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The Truth About Races Fire Some Folks Up!

I am known for speaking (writing) my mind.  One thing that has fired some left leaning posts that are suppose to be right wing are my views on race.  I tell the truth as I see it unfolding all around me and that I have seen unfold since the early 70’s. Before some of them are even alive.  I tell the truth about race.  Yes, there are different races of humans just like different breeds in dogs.  They are bred for different purposes.  Each race has their own color, cultures, intelligence, customs and belief’s.  This is science.  Not color corrective science or political correct, but science.  There are marked differences in I.Q. based on race.  Why do you think the biggest drop-out rates in school are the “at risk” folks are black?  I am sick of black people saying they were brought here and didn’t want to come.  Well, hell.  What’s holding you back from going home?  Airplane tickets back are cheaper than paying for all the black kids and the parents that don’t want to work.  But guess what?  They don’t want to go back!!  It’s a whole lot easier to  guilt white people into paying for everything they have.  I do Not wear a mantle of white guilt and you can’t make me.  You also can’t make me like people based on the color of their skin.  Whites are the ones that are being judged by the color of their skin.  If you are white you Must be racist. Now, you want to wonder why I have so a low opinion of black folks? In school, I was sexually assaulted, physically assaulted.  Oh and it happened on the school bus too.  And no one did anything.  The blacks have just gotten worse since the 70’s.  More embolden after nothing was done about their behavior and now it has moved past the court room and jury room into the White House.  You can’t say anything about the dumb bastard without being called a racist.

Religion.  Islam is fastly taking over the world, whether they want to be taken or not.  Convert, pay a tax or die.  They are crucifying Christians overseas and no one is talking about it.  I wonder why?  Could it be our Black, Muslim leader is making every decision not our laws but by Islamic Law?  Of course not!!!!  I’m a racist.



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Puzzle Peices To Bring Down The United States, Our President, NWO, Martial Law And The UN

I was browsing around today on the internet and you tube clips. You know, the clips our President is using to determine Russia fired the missiles?   The border is being over run by third world urchins from several different countries.  Not only urchins but Muslim terrorists too.  Now let’s move along to the C.D.C. “losing” boxes full of deadly viruses.  Why do you think the government is hiding the little beggars from the citizens?  They are dosing up the illegal immigrants  from Mexico, Central America in hidden warehouses and the medical personnal are told they will be jailed for talking about what is going on the those triage places.  Before they turn them lost.  Today I heard Honduras being given asylum status also.  States that receive Federal Money must house them.  Including my state.  Look at a map that shows which states are given Federal money.  A lot of them are in the south east and Texas.  But funny thing is most of the north central and central states don’t accept Federal money.  That’s where the underground shelter are, like Denver Airport.  Where it is a great place to ride out the diseases.  Supposedly for Continuation of Government.  When it becomes a medical emergency, the U.N. is here ready and waiting to help enforce the call for quarantine or Martial Law if you will.   They are troops that will do anything for money including kill you.  They are soldiers after all and they are of course expendable.  This is all about control and the U.N. Nations is in on it.  Depopulation.  Georgia Guild Stones.  I had hoped that maybe Putin would help the rebels here that are being called terrorists and attacked here in our own Nation but no.  His country is in the United Nations and plan for a New World Over.  The United States will be turned into a third world country on the money crash.  The Brazil,Russia, India, South Africa and China.  BRICS has new currency ready to go.  They will crush the dollar.  Then we can be like folks over in the Middle East that shoot and kill each other over a dirty look, shoot each other over religion (Christians), food, begging for money everywhere, Heathens.  What are we going to do about it?  Hey how about quarantine ourselves from them?  Shoot anyone that comes into our quarantine?  That’s how the government is going to do it.  No one in or out.  Failure to comply will be met with death.

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Why All These Stories About Minutemen, Oath Keepers and What Not Going To The Border?

I have watched video after video about groups that are going to the border to stop the Illegal Invasion.  Well, why hasn’t any of it happened?  I think there are groups out there funded by Obama, that want to cause a civil war.  Do we need one?  Yes indeedy we do if we want a Nation for Americans and not for all the worlds trash.  Obama and his mighty pen.  Congressmen letting him do it too.  A true dictator is running our country.  Our own government is allowing Obama to break this country’s back, especially financially with taking all the money that should go to our Veterans to give to these Muslims, Mexicans, Central Americas and anybody else that wants money.  People who wouldn’t think twice about slitting your throat.   Obama has been trying to start a race war.  Trayvon Martin, doing nothing about the so-called knock out games.  I guess that one didn’t work, but at least it got some of the white people to see they want us dead.  Now, we are sitting here watching the worlds trash take over our country and nobody is doing anything to stop it.  I have no more faith in the Oath Keepers.  The oath they took was to defend our Constitution.  Anybody seen them doing anything about it lately?  The humanitarian services that have all our military men fighting overseas are not about our Constitution.  Don’t get me wrong.  I trust and love our veterans but not our government.  Our government is funding people who want to destroy the United States.  Here and across the world.   The Oath was not for only wars, but from all invaders.  Even the ones here running our Government.

We are scattered all over and I have been preaching for over three years to gather together in a city, counties or somewhere so we won’t be so easy to pick off when the time comes.  And that time is coming.  Last year, I was verbally assaulted by a web site for standing up for Adam Kokesh on the 4th of July thing last year.  I asked them when they would stand up for their second amendment rights?  After they take your guns?  Are you gonna ask Pretty please, can we have our guns back?  The web site and almost all of the sites followers attacked me.  I blocked the IP address and all the attacks stopped.  The web site WAS most its followers and when I busted them out in a blog, funny thing ALL of the comments made to and about me were erased from the blog.  I think there are many more sites like that.  We hear a lot of talk but I’ve seen no action to back up the talk.  Have you?  Now Texas has all the gang members in its state and still no one is doing anything as they are being bussed, shipped and flown to all parts of America.  I love the folks that physical blocked the buses in California.   We are a nation of lazy people who would rather sit in front of the T.V. and not think a thing in the world is happening or it doesn’t affect them.  They would be right if they are depending on the Main Stream Media for information.  After all, its only “the children” coming over according to them.

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Ekkkk!!!! I’m Related To Obama

I am really into the information about my blood type, Rh negative, but I just found out the Obama has Rh negative blood!  EKKKK!  He has Rh negative AB blood type.  Just like some of the other president from down the line.  Thanks to the young woman who did the back ground search that shows Obama is related to George Bush.  Ok, ok I was a little late in putting this information together.  I think it’s because I just passed that information along the high parts of my brain that didn’t get into the down and dirty thinking part of my brain.  Maybe I rejected it so I wouldn’t think about me being related to him.  But, sigh…..I am.  It must be the white part. Ohh, racist me.

Now, I can move on to the part about me seeing last Friday a Palestine Protest.  Peace for Palestine.  If you want peace that bad, quit sneaking into Israel thru tunnels and shooting rockets and arms fire in Israel. Firearms, rocket launchers, grenades that We Americans left over there.  Now does that mean America is attacking Israel?  Makes about as much sense as trying to blame Russia for the downed passenger jet.  Now, doesn’t that sound like common sense?  God gave all of Israel, as far as the eye can see to Abraham.  Not as far as the eye can see, except the Gaza strip.  Israel and Egypt agreed to the cease-fire. Palestine did not.  Now why do you want to blame Israelis for the attacks and say they can not have a right to self defense?  Palestine is a Muslim country.  This is a battle against the Lord God.  Christians and Jews need to Unite against the Antichrist, but I guess we can forget that. Jewish people are still awaiting their savior and will fall for the 12th Imam as their savior.  After all, the God of the Old Testament does seem like Allah, with all that killing in the Lord’s name and wiping out all of those of different faiths.  Catholics excluded if you are following the teachings of Pope Francis that wants to make a one world religion. Including Allah as the same God we worship. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the words describing Allah and the things he demands you to do and Our God, Jesus who preaches love and doing good to others, even our enemies.  It does not say it’s alright for you to kill your wife and daughters for honor killings or for not fixing goat for dinner. War on women indeed.

All those poor asylum seeker pouring into the country. Not illegals mind you, but asylum seekers.  With every disease you can think of.  All you have to do to get scabies is skin contact.  Go hug bunches of them all you democrats.  You will get a bad case of lice while you’re at it.  Even blacks are now turning on Obama.  He is going to take their benefits and give it to another color of people.  It seems blacks can do rudimentary math too when it comes to taking from them.  It didn’t matter when it was all taken from the whites, but now the shoe is on the other foot.  It doesn’t fit so well, does it?  Now don’t you see there is a limit to the amount of money that can be spent when no one has jobs?  I can’t believe my husband thoughts to relief the economic crisis.  He thinks just like Obama. PRINT MORE MONEY!!!!  Only, its money with nothing backing it.  There is no gold in Fort Knox.   Like monopoly money. It takes lots of monopoly money to buy anything in monopoly.  Soon, you will see that it takes a days wages to buy a pound of wheat and oil.

All of our politicians are telling the world we are not the most exceptional people.  With Obama, John Kerry, John McBain, Joe Bide and dear ole’ Harry Reid leading the way, they will Make Us not be exceptional.  Unless we stop and fight this.   The plan was to tear down the United States and turn us into a third world shit hole, no different from any other third world shit hole.  Russia doesn’t look like a third world shit hole.  They treat Muslims like the terrorist they are and they don’t demand shit in Russia.  And to you Muslims out there, yes Muslims are 20 percent of the population, but you still don’t demand shit in Russia.  Like Putin said, if you want to live in Russia you must speak Russian, amend to Russian ways and customs.  If you want Sharia Law, then move to a Muslim country.  Russia is not allowing the nuclear family to be destroyed like it is here.  Christianity is protected there, unlike the war on Christianity here in our country.  Obama is trying his best to paint Russia in the poorest light he can.

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Bleach-Water Ratio For Drinking Water


You must have water in order to live.

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

Bleach - Water Ratio

By Ken Jorgustin

If your water source is uncertain, you should treat it first before drinking it.

One way to treat water for drinking is to add a small amount of regular bleach (chlorine). Here’s how much bleach to add, and a way to remember the quantity:

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