Last Night.

I had a terrible night last night. I rolled and tumbled, tried sleeping in the recliner and the couch. Nothing worked. My arms and legs had that restless legs syndrome and was wondering why I couldn’t sleep then I remembered, I had skipped my day medicine. Oh and I ran out of additional antidepressant a couple of days ago. The lowered level of mood stabilizator throws me into a slight mania. My heart meds are in my morning meds so my heart was racing going whoosh, whoosh in my ears, so I took a couple more night meds. I take ambien at night and still couldn’t sleeping. Sooo, I took another thinking it would knock me out. It didn’t but, it made me hear things that weren’t there. I called them T.V. people. It was like tuning a radio and hearing different snatches of songs, only these were T.V. shows and I saw things in my path that disappeared when I stepped on them. I tried stepping around them and then knock something real.
This evening when Rick told me other things I did that I don’t remember anything about doing. Evidently on one of things I turned over or laying on the floor. The scarier thing I did was turn over a space heater. Thank God my heater turns off when tipped. Rick said I was at the bedroom window opening the curtains.  He said I was talking and laughing. The bad thing about it now I don’t have that ambien for the last night of this month.

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Sometimes I remember a dream.  I don’t remember my dreams because I take medicine before going to sleep.  The dreams I remember are like from my deceased father and my son.  I believe they are messages to me from beyond. This dream was me being in some sort of stampede to leave their earth or something with some type of air ship to remove us before the catastrophe happened. Aliens. It was true and they did keep it secret from the public because of control. Religion would blow wide open when the aliens tell us they created us instead of God, the creator of All. The people would react some how but I don’t know how. Bad. It will be bad. I was concerned, looking around for my mother and couldn’t leave without her. They started to pull me along. I was fighting to get back and I heard one single word. Wait.

It wasn’t God but instead he who came for the tares.  When Jesus talked to the apostles about his second coming and the signs that it was near.  He told of wars, rumors of war, Christians being beheaded, hungry, etc. signs of the anti-Christ. Christ’s  apostles asked if they should kill the followers of the false one and he said No, allow the tares to grow with the wheat.  When the harvest is ripe, the tares first be taken first, then bring the good wheat to my store room.  That’s not verbatim but you get the message.  This is concerning his second coming.  It’s in Matthew chapter 24, read it. We are beginning to see proof of the aliens. Mass sightings, technological wonders, space flight before we could even get rockets to work right,  etc.  I believe and have since in the mid-ninties that the anti-Christ will be an alien.  Who else could perform miracles?  Medical miracles raising from the dead?  But an alien would also have the power to take back that was given.  Zap! Bogus miracle.  Those that want to follow him, let them go for them are the tares that Jesus talked about.

I have always hope that I could see a UFO or beings from off world.  I have been amazed by aliens, that they have talk about.  Now, I wonder if my interest in them could sway how I feel?  I don’t think so, because the last time I had this dream, I heard a soft voice saying, “Wait”.  I think I heard from Jesus.  All the rapture believers thought they would be gone by now, that they are beheading Christians, children and preachers.  This should show them to be the big lie that preachers have been teaching about the rapture.  The rapture is false Biblical teaching that are no where in the Bible.  The GREAT biblical writer that wrote so much about the rapture and being leave behind should be roasted in hell. It was all about making money from rapture believing folks.

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A Lovely Sunday

I had a great day today.  My Mom called and asked if I wanted to go see her Aunt.  She is her father’s only sister.  I haven’t seen her in, I’m ashamed to say, 30 years.  She was the only girl in a family of boys.  Aunt Maggie has always been a super sharp lady.  So, my momma and my sister, they live together, came up and pick me up and off to the residential living home to visit.  It’s not really a nursing home but where people who are not bed ridden live in their own homey rooms.  There a dining hall there and that was where we found Maggie.  We had hoped to get there after she had eaten.  She would stop eating to talk to us.  As luck would have it she had finished eating and was sitting at her table when we got there.  I did notice she ate more apple pie than the sad looking looking meatloaf. On the way in, we had to dodge out of the way from a lady that was pissed to the gills that her company wasn’t being run right and she was gonna run it the way it was supposed to be run by damn!  She ranted this as she swept all the sugar, sweeteners, creamers and such that sat by the coffee maker onto the  floor. She had Alzheimer’s.  The nurses and aides were trying to stop her and she was cussing them and refused to be pushed thru the open doorways to the hall.  The other wheelchair bound residents slowly made their way, which was mostly all of them, making their slow wheeling way back to their rooms or activity.  The lady in the doorway was creating a bottleneck in the after lunch traffic.  I grabbed a lady in a wheelchair and tried to help her out into the hall and it was quite hard because some of the residents had decided the middle of the hallway was their next stop. She was trying to get next to the lady throwing a fit and calm her down.  She said the lady who was creating the bottleneck wasn’t feeling good and that’s why she was mad.  Finally they managed to move the lady out of the middle of the exit, which let me tell you was not a small feat.  The lady was grabbing things, people and other wheelchairs and refusing to move.  An aide or a nurse came over smiling and she said thank you but I’ll take Ms. so-so to her room now.  And there they went.  I turned around and hugged Aunt Maggie and said Happy Birthday!  Things settled down and I started talking to her.  Most of the chairs were lined against the wall being as most of the residents were in wheelchairs so we moved to the visiting area to sit and talk.  The living room area had a wall of windows overlooking a small flower garden and a big beautiful Christmas Tree with a few ( I presume fake) presents with chairs and love seats scattered about.  Aunt Maggie is 93 years old.  WOW!  She is still one sharp lady.  Nicely dressed with her glasses on.  As I sat and talked with her, I thought to myself, here is a lady with stories to tell and I needed to write them.   Her Grandfather lost an eye in the Civil War and lived with them growing up.  She asked, how long ago was that now?  I told her one hundred and fifty years ago. (See, my picking up bits of information is good for something.)  Her grandfather was a blind man after the war.  Aunt Maggie’s mother died in her arms from a head on collision coming back from fishing not 3 miles from her home.  I held Aunt Maggie’s hand and told her that I was a writer and that I wanted to write her stories.  She said, My stories? and I said of course your stories.  Tell me about your life, your mother’s life and your grandfather’s life.  She laughed and said she could have her own book.  I sat there looking at her while she was talking, thinking, Wow, I’m talking to somebody that’s Grandfather fought in the Civil War.  We stay for about an hour or so and one the way home, I asked Momma if she knew which side her grandfather fought on?  She said she didn’t know.  Her father’s father came from Germany.  I know a lot of them settled around The great lakes area because I went to Milwaukee and looked in the phone book there.  Around here there may be one or two but I am related to them.  Milwaukee has pages and pages of them.  I am from the south and my grandfather definitely was against racial mixing, but I wonder which side  his grandfather fight for?  Northern where they came from or Southern ?  That sound like another story for another day, which will be Wednesday.  I have already set a day for my return visit and my recorder so I can tell her stories.  But before I tell any of her stories here, I’ll tell you about my Aunt Maggie.  She knows the Bible backwards and forward.  Her view of people is, that you should never judge another person because none of us are perfect and we don’t know what the other person has been thru, so be nice to everybody.  She has a great laugh too. I think I’ll bring her a blueberry muffin when I visit.


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My “Race Talk” experience.


Well done. See, I’m not the only one.

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This is why I no longer waste my time trying to reason with niggeroes.

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I Lost Followers Over My Last Blog

Well, fellow bloggers it seems that I lost about 28 followers after my last blog.  You know, the one about white genocide, but it tickles me for these people are either black or self hating white people who think we have white privilege.  They didn’t like truth or plain spokeness of my blog and that’s their prerogative as you can read whatever blog you choose.  Fine, go read some goody, goody crap about how the black race and the self hating white protesters are Peaceful protest.  Can you not see the damage they are doing to the cities they are in?  Rioting, looting, arson and attacking random white people.  How is it peaceful?  The slogans they are shouting are lies.  Mikey didn’t have his hand up or saying don’t shoot.  Gardner was a fat slob who had a heart attack.  But oh, wait a minute.  It didn’t have anything to do with his diet, lack of exercise, the lifestyle he was living or the drugs he had poured into his system for years.  Now we have a white girl that was burned alive.  Her boyfriend was black and she had just broken up with him.  She had lighter fluid squirted up her nose and down her throat then set on fire.  Her car was hit by another car which the evidence shows (look it up), torched her car, and sat her on fire.  These is the most evil act I have ever heard of and I dispatched emergency vehicles for 20 years.  I told the folks in my last blog to look up the stats.  It appears they are too lazy or either won’t believe the facts.  Numbers baby numbers.  There have been lots of major chimp outs since our beloved leader hates whites so much has been in office.  And nothing is done about it.  Doesn’t anybody that saw this wonder about why these criminals are not punished?



















































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I am writing this to you, white person.  You are taking part in your own genocide.  You would rather acquiesce to white guilt over something most of you have never done or were not a party too. Slavery. Oppression. Civil Rights violation.  All the negroes have to do is scream RAAAACCCCISM!! and you duck your heads in shame and lay down and give them everything they want, including robbing you.  White People have been in genocide mode since at least the eighties.  You are last to get a chance for a job.  Didn’t mattered if you were qualified for the job or had an I.Q. above 80.  They got the equal housing law that allowed criminal blacks to live right next door to white people whom they steal, rob and assault or murder you while you are in the safe warm home.  And you voted to so they have a legal right and the government pays for it.  Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac anyone?  Your house should be your castle and you shouldn’t  have to put a moat around it.  But now-a-days you better be strapped in your own house.  Call me racist, but to quote a famous Author, ‘There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.’  It is what it is. It is so true.  Nice white areas with low crime rates, children playing in the street and the business doing fine and didn’t have to worry about mob stealing, stealing from the customers of their businesses out in the parking lot.  Beauty salons didn’t have their own stock of items stolen.  Especially hairpieces.  The crime rates soar. Business leave the area because of the thieving blacks that moved into an area.  Check the stats.  I dare you.  Of course there is white flight.  We Don’t Want to Live with the thuggish, violent, animalism people and stats show the very nature of their race.  Want to see something?  This little story is also about the Nobel Prize winner of the discovery of DNA strand that showed  negroes, as a race have lower I. Q.  The one that was shunned for pointing out the obvious, sold his Nobel Prize to live.  The only reason we have a black president is because he is half white.  Even negroes shun the black skinned.  Even black people like lighter skinned blacks.  A Great Rich Man in Russia bought it and returned it to him.  Seems to me Russia likes white people. So to those who preach evolution in the schools and books need to think about that for a minute.  Sub-human?  Shave a gorilla. They are not as evolved as we white and Asian races.  We are mentally stronger.  Blacks are physically stronger because they are more animalistic. Are you going to lay down and it’s open season on white people?  Oh why in the hell am I even asking about it?  I know you are because you are doing it already.  We the white people are allowing these things to happen.  All the looting, arson, stealing, blocking the interstate and the police and national guard just standing there and won’t do a thing about it.  Who told them to stand down?  The Governor can but who is talking to the governor?  Why did the President visit them and make a National State of the Union address about how they needed to stay their course?  Why are we allowing the deep hatred against the white people of our black president has and the black racist attorney general roll right over us?  Refusing to prosecute blacks in white murders.  Civil Rights violations investigations on justified shootings by victims against someone who was clearly a criminal.  You say not all the black race and that there are more good than bad.  Well, that’s not what the numbers show.  13 percent of the population and blacks are responsible for most of the crimes by a wide margin.  It’s not racism, it’s fact.  The president is letting all kinds of people over the border along with diseases, terrorists you know, the ones that have promised to take down our government and then chop the un-believers heads off. Place them all on welfare while they plot to take down our country and the president is helping them in any way he can.  Do you know who pays for all this?  We do.  There are no jobs.  We will all work for the government and the government will take all your money to provide everyone with an equal share.  Then the government will provide housing for all of us, food and transportation.  Only thing is you will have your housing from the F.E.M.A camps.  The transportation will be F.E.M.A. buses.  German Camps anyone?  I have said that white people are the new Jews for years now and no one will do anything about it.  I don’t want to hear any first shot bullshit.  How many first shots are you willing to take before you do something?  Using the government to take away our rights. Will it ever be enough?

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BREAKING: The REAL Michael Brown They Don’t Want You to See… (SHOCKING VIDEO RELEASE)


Typical Mike Brown or any other hood person. That’s what we are dealing with.

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Michael Brown 1 (revised)

by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled

Most people are aware of who Michael Brown is. Or should I say “was?”  Well, most people only know the Michael Brown that Imam Al Sharpton and many other ignorant race-baitors would have you believe he was.

This is the REAL Michael Brown they don’t want “you” to see…

Michael Brown Criminally Assaults and Robs an Old Man:

Video source: Confidential by request

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