Looting: The Poor Underclass And Rich Upperclass At War With Middle Class

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Rioters continue to burn down Ferguson while the governor finally let the National Guard in…far too late.  Increasingly, we see irrationality take over our political system and there are many causes for this one of the biggest being, our political system is totally corrupt due to bribery.  And it is now tone-deaf to voters meanwhile, the underclass unemployed don’t vote hardly at all but instead, are on a rampage which is being exploited for the wrong ends.  ‘Racism’ is NOT fixed by black people burning down cities, it makes it much worse.  Who on earth wants to live or go to school or work with people who might turn around and loot and burn the city?  No one, of course.  But the fantasy that this sort of annihilistic behavior will fix our corrupt system continues.

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The Law

I want to know if the laws apply to all of us or just depends on what color you are? With all the law enforcement officers there why were blacks not arrested for shootings, looting and arson? It’s not like they didn’t have evidence of the crimes being played out with the media filming it. I’m white. I wonder if I could go looting at the grocery store? I could say I was doing it in support of Brown and feed my family. The laws no longer apply to blacks. From the White House on down to the looters on the streets. Why aren’t they protesting about young black men being killed in Detroit for no reason? Let me tell you. It’s because it’s other black men killing them and not white men. They don’t care about losing their young men but about stirring up the racism over a cop shooting a black man who was trying to kill him. There was No evidence the officer did anything wrong and now they are releasing the evidence from the Grand Jury that was and is secret on any other case, just to appease blacks. I wonder how many laws they would break for whites? None.

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My Thoughts About What’s Going On In My Country And At Home

This thing with Ferguson  is going to be a white genocide and nobody is going to do a damn thing about it.  The black panthers have made several threats to kill white people and the white infants and nothing is done.  They brought pipe bombs to Ferguson to blow businesses and white people up.  They have said it.  Whoopied Doo, they arrest the two in the car but didn’t investigate the others.  Our government is doing this to us.  The protesters have threatened us with the Wrath Of God if the police officer in not found guilty.  The man was just doing the job a policeman does.  They don’t want justice but black vengeance.  I am so sick of the white people who hate themselves for the color of their skin.  I am sick of blacks thinking no laws apply to them.  I wonder why the police didn’t arrest the rioters and looters? It was no longer a peaceful demonstration.  It never was peaceful to begin with.  I want to be separated from these people. Let them take the east coast and we will take the west and mid America.  Have a Constitutional government.  I dispatched for 20 years and I know the heat gets to the blacks and causes all kind of mayhem.  You can call me racist if you want to but I am stating facts here.  There are lies, damn lies then there are stats of crime and murders.  It is mostly black on black or black on white, but people  refuse to look at it.  People know this and refuse to do anything about it.  We have roaming packs of black teenagers that want to stomp white kids and then go free.  It was on World News and you know what the Mayor wants to do?  Build the some kind of recreation building to keep them off the street.  With my money.  Isn’t that the parents job to make sure their kids off the street?  The stomping event was not labeled a hate crime because one black was hit.  I think he was coming to aid some of the white kids.  That infuriates me.

Now on to the illegal amnesty.  Obama and his government are trying their best to totally break this country.  He has done that every since he came into office.  Him and his high positions  who are Muslims.  Like the department of Homeland Security.  Don’t you feel safe? Everybody knows they want to have the black flag of Islam over the White House and still we don’t nothing.  And we are going to let them get on welfare so they can stock up on their weapons.  The gangs from Mexico are going to be taking over our cities and beat the hell out of every one, kill and bring drugs from Mexico.  Our government is helping them do this.  Why is Obama still in the White House?  Why is he not hanged from treason?  That’s the death for treason.

Now I will go on to what’s happening at my house.  My house is paid for because I bought it from my mother.  This bastard will not do anything about a leaking roof and the ceiling in a spare bedroom is coming down.  It also winter time and I’m afraid it might collapse the roof.  My dryer, that I bought second hand has  now has wiring problem.  I can not dry clothes because I don’t know how to do it.  It shocks the piss out of me.  I can’t wash clothes until he comes in and runs the dryer. He is living in My house, driving my cars and still he won’t do anything.  Not even try.  He pissed off the only handy man I have by hanging up on him.  He tried to blame it on my mother being there to witness me chew his ass out.  My Mother and my sister were standing outside waiting on us to put the dog out. He doesn’t have his shirt on so he went to get one. He lines his buttons up, taking his time.  That was really rude and disrespected her.  I told him that I was going to get on his ass at the time he did things like that.  After they came in, I backed him into our bedroom, did not raise my voice as I chewed his ass out.  I did not talk loud enough for her to hear.  That’s the excuse he tried to give for hanging up on him.  I have apologized to him on facebook and even begged him but he will not come to the house because of that ass. My house is old and needs repairs but now I can’t.  He won’t do anything and pissed off my handy man.

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Michael Brown’s Case Not Vindicated by UN…He’s an Entitled Thug!


U.N. showed no victim in Brown’s case. Hoo Rah

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This is from Patriot UpDate.

The Browns like all of the ghetto hood rats think they are owed something because of their skin color.

Thanks to people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

We are through the looking-glass with the United Nations, giving a ruling that makes sense. 

A UN official lambasted the “entitlement” of the parents of slain Ferguson, Mo. teen Mike Brown after they addressed the United Nations Committee Against Torture. On November 12, 2014, the National Report published an article titled “UN Dismisses Michael Brown case.”

Parents Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. of the late Michael Brown have taken their plight with the Ferguson PD all the way to the UN: a gesture which appears to have been in vain. Brown was killed after allegedly reaching for Officer Darren Wilson’s pistol during a suspected strong-armed robbery arrest in Ferguson, Missouri. On Tuesday, the couple met with the United…

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FEAR, Afraid but not naked.

I remember the first time I knew what fear was.  In the deep of the night, I was dreaming of dark shadows chasing me, the furniture levitated and flew around the room, things changing the shape and finally the monster caught up with me.  I jerk awake and I’m the only one awake. The house and my family were asleep. The darkness of the house, no noise, no one conscious to see the shadows of monsters. No one was aware of the dangers lurking there. I lay there looking at the real shadows around me. The bathroom light was on across the hall and thur the bedroom door flew a long shadow on the wall. A tall monster or man or thing from under my bed?  No one was awake to help me before the shadows got me. That’s when I knew fear. Paralysing fear.

The next time I remember fear was when the railroad incident happened. My sister and I went across the railroad tracks which was forbidden.  We went across to go to the little store and a playground behind a school over there.  On the way back we heard a train whistle, so we started running.  Trying to beat the train. It was close. Real close. About two city blocks when we crossed the tracks.  Or should I say I ran across.  My sister got her shoe stuck sliding under a tie. I was going down the hill and she wasn’t behind me so I looked back. There she was, standing on the track and the train was about a block and a half away. I stepped a couple of step further but knew I couldn’t stand there and watch my sister get run over by a train so I ran back. I got behind her and jerked. That worked and we got off the tracks about second and a half before the train barreled down us. Oh by the way the engineer laid on his horn the whole time. He probably knew fear there himself. I know he cursed us for years for trying a stunt like that but we were kids and did stupid things. That’s why it was forbidden to go across the tracks. Don’t play around railroad tracks. Momma said.  I have known fear through out my life but not paralysed with fear. My butt checks tighten up a bit from time to time but not that afraid.

I was very afraid in 2006. My fellow choked on a piece of steak. I was going to do the Heimlich on him. He’s a big boy and I couldn’t put my arms around him. I made him sit down at one of the dining room chair then I punched him in the bread basket as hard as I could . I was afraid but I knew what to do. The punch cause him to vomit and there was that piece of steak.  Lying under the vomit.  He said, “you sure can hit for a little person.”  Now he chews up good so I can’t punch him again.

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Our Lovely Country

With our borders so very porous, we are being swamped by illegals that are promising to take our country down and bankrupt the United States. They are not only coming for your jobs but they are coming for your welfare check and food stamps. No increase in working people, which we have none, but more on welfare. You’ll have to share your benefits. Grin. Less to go around so let’s get behind Obama! You stupid negroes. He has done nothing for you but get you to tear up your own neighborhoods. Didn’t he compare himself to Jesus?

Now let’s move onto Ferguson and the lovely Brown protesters and the family.  I don’t know if it’s true or not but I saw where the family wants the U.N. to intervene.  I’m all for that!  Take the family, protesters and all the race baiters to a different country, all for their safety, of course.  Africa is somewhere they can go so the evil, evil white people can’t hurt them anymore and they can talk about slavery that started in Africa. I am so sick of negroes and all the illegals coming into our country.  People that have sworn to chop off our heads and take over the White House are everywhere in our country. How can we take back anything if people don’t have the courage to tell  thuggish, stealing, rioting, looting, murdering blacks when they have said, along with some of our dear government employees, that white people just need to die.  Are you afraid of being called a racist?  Chicken shit.  All these folks that have guns, stating they are ready to fight and take this country back are nowhere to be seen except on youtube.  Well, I haven’t seen anybody do shit about it.  If you want a revolution, just let me know where to show up.  Our politicians are doing nothing about our citizens rights being taken away and still trying to take even more.  Since when are we, the taxpayers, responsible for the world’s misery, poor, hungry?  I really don’t care and if this makes me a bad person, so be it.  Go to your own country and fix your government.  We don’t have to take care of them.  Obama is borrowing trillions to feed our bloated welfare system.  Guess who gets to pay that back?  We do.  I don’t even know why Obama is still in the White House.  He has committed treason and should be hung, but everyone is afraid of being called racist by the democrats.  The republicans aren’t going to do anything about it.  Just wait and see.  We all know that when politicians lips are moving they are telling you another big fat lie.  The people of this country fear its government.  That’s called tyranny.  The government is supposed to work for us not the other way around.

Now lets move onto Google plus.  It is the fastest growing job market in these times of staggering unemployment.  All the employees are paid by the government to harass people, track you and troll the shit out of you.  Google plus wants to know your every thought and word.  Putting you on Obama’s kill list.  Hot on Google is nothing but a racist (against white people) propaganda machine.  Oh and the democrats that are stuck to Obama’s ass.  Obama is trying his best to wreck our money system.   He has borrowed so much that our country can never pay it back.  Anyone heard of repos?  Like when your car is repoed when you can’t make the payment?  When you don’t pay, your country will be taken over by the people we own money too. That means China. And get us bombed in the process.  I think Russia and China are so sick of Obama and he keeps poking them in the eye with a sharp stick, that they will have to bomb him.  I guess we will be collateral damage to stop a psychotic supposed world leader.  Why won’t we stop him?  He is tearing this country apart, been trying to start a race war and a civil war is coming.  He likes to change governments all over the world, I wonder how he would like it if foreign country stepped in to change our political government back to the way it was?

An old Indian Prophecy tells about the end of turtle island, which is what they call America, will be when yellow men fall from the sky and a gourd of ashes is dropped.  What do you make of that?

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