Letter to my son. In heaven

My precious son Brad, you have been on my mind a whole lot lately.  I think of you daily.  I saw your first daughter Monday and you would be so proud of her.  She has her head on tight and the maturity she is showing is unbelievable.  We talked about you and Claudia and how she knows now why you weren’t in her life so much when you were alive.  She knows that drugs took you and how you couldn’t take care of your self, let alone take care of her.  We talked about Claudia and how unfair that she doesn’t know she has a big sister or a Grandmother that loves her even though we haven’t seen her since she was 6 months old. She will be 13 this December. People in power in the local government are conspiring to keep her away or even aware to this side of her family.  The other grandfather is Ted Fox in the local city/county government.  She probably doesn’t know you are her father.  I have looked everywhere for her but they must have changed her last name. I will keep on searching and Jessie is too. How I would love to see that little face of hers. I contact Ted Fox thru voice mail and told him that you were dead and if Claudia needed a birth certificate to draw social security to contact me.  No answer. Oh and you died in jail in which Ted Fox used to run and his sons are deputies.  They could have gotten to you so easy.

Now onto your funeral.  Jessie and I talked about that too.  How those girls that caused your death deepen her hurt so bad, talking about their daughters.  SHE is your daughter not them.  How your dickweed half brother made himself out to be a hero and yet stole the belt buckle to be buried with you and stole all your tattoo equipment.  I know you wanted them to actually be a brother to you, so you took all his abuse. I want you to know that I told your half brother that I hated him with every fiber in my being.   I was thinking about you today as I was driving to the house and THE DANCE came on the radio and I broke down and cried and wailed all the way home.  I love you so much. I wish I could have helped you when you needed it so much.  That will be my sorrow until the end of my days.

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Russia, Putin, America, Obama

I don’t know why everybody is all fired up about war with Russia, but then the United States headed by Obama wants to control everything any country does.  Obama sure wants to help the rebels in the Middle East but wants to go to war with Russia over helping rebels that want to be a part of Russia again like they were before.  Can you say hypocrite??  The whole nation should be ashamed that Obama is running this once great nation. Russia is standing for the things the United States used to.  Putin is protecting Christianity and the nuclear family.  They don’t allow the LBG groups to run around shouting their sexual shit.  If you want to be gay in Russia you have to do it in the bedroom like it should be.  Same as anybody else’s sexual life should be.  In private, not public.  Like it used to be here.  Obama on the other hand thinks that people should be able to wear to work their favorite S@M outfit that goes with their sexual preference.  Men wearing dresses to work.  Gawd!! Putin protects family values. Everybody in the United States gets special treatment except white Christians.  If you are one, you are the last in line for any kind of job, financial help or rights.  Everybody gets preferential treatment except white Christians.  If you are white then it’s alright for you to be attacked in the streets.  Even if a gang of over a hundred attacks you, it is not a hate crime it just the kids that didn’t have anything better to do.  When in the hell is anyone going to wake up?  I don’t have white guilt and the ones that do are just plain to stupid to breathe.  Our country is almost 240 years old.  Enough with crying about slavery that ended 150 years ago.  Try going over to the middle east and talk to them about slavery, which is still going on, with the slaves mostly black.  Go ahead.  I dare you.  Your holy messiah President is siding with the folks that hold these slaves.  Muoooslems.  Or…how about plane tickets back to your motherland?  Africa.  But then you say Africa is not your motherland.  There goes your whole argument about slavery is null and void.   You hate white people so how about you leave us to ourselves?  I thought my grandfather was kidding when he said that if you want to run anything into the ground, let a black handle it.  I have watch that statement be so true.  The city I live in used to be called city beautiful but the last 25 years, this city has been run by blacks and it is now one of the most violent cities around.  The government and the county/city jail have been investigated sooo many time by the F.B.I..  Does that tell you something?  A lot of our government officials have been stung by F.B.I. stings and then tried to say they only tried to entrap black officials.  Ha! Yeah right.  Blacks were the only ones corrupt enough to get caught.  Now, look at our Country run by blacks.  Can it get any worse?  They are running our country into the ground and are setting it up to be taken over by Islamic Countries.

I do believe it’s time for the white people to segregate themselves.  Have White Pride.  Everybody else has pride so why not us???  I have an idea.  If you hate me and what I have said, take up a collection and send me to Russia.  Send it in cashiers checks please.  No bounced checks.  Oh and I need cold weather gear.

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Branco – Rated R. Strong Adult cuss words. Offensive.

I can tell you why Obama doesn’t have a plan for ISIS which he falsely calls Isil. This is a big Fuck You to America. If you are going to have to resign January 1 over treasonous acts in Benghazi, let the Mexicans gangs, Muslims that have vowed to kill us and do a regiment government take over and those disease ridden, Ebola carrying violent West Africans fuckers thru the border that is wide open, you don’t care. He is/are going to be the 12th Imam and the take over of the world for Allah.  The smoke of Satan is in the Vatican.   Priests, Preachers and Ministers causing a great falling away from God.  Multicultural Religion where you don’t have to believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven after he told us he was.  The religious leaders of today sound like Oprah Winfrey.   Anyway Bronco is awaiting or is the Savior  for whom many have been waiting for.  The man of the hour for Islam Savior or whoever it is coming , he needs to tear down the United States of America to place Sharia law in effect. Come on everybody get free shit and kill all the whites and take everything they have.  They are recruiting black males to join ISIS and the black males, not knowing the disdain and slave owning of blacks back home will join.  Some only know they can kill whites and be held harmless. After they had slaughtered and plundered the white people, watch out brown women. They are going to be bashing your heads in.  Well, they are already doing it but it will happen much more often.  After they have killed all the infidels who do you think they are going to turn their rage on?  You, you halfwit  women. The ones that are only half human/ half a testimony of a man. Not as a faithful worshipper of Allah but as half as important as a man.  Dimwits they say in the Holy Books. How do you say kill all women?  After they kill all the women they still have their goats, camels and sheep.  Animals all. And our President says that we, the people have no rights to carry guns.  Only police and army should carry firearms.  What about their body guards?  Well, you know they consider their own lives so much more important than yours.  They need protection so the government can continue. Yeah right.  It worked so good in the past they are going to continue the fight for our Homeland, but Homeland has taken on a much different role in today’s world.  Do you think they need their lives guarded?  I for one do not.  This government is what has us in this mess in the first place and if Branco Bama does stop interfering in other people’s business, he is going to get us nuked.  Russia is nuclear armed.  Russia and China have strong ties.  It will be the King of the East and the King of the North.  There will be yellow men falling from the sky, and Gourds of ashes falling.  Just like an Indian Prophecy I read 3 or 4 years ago.  It also says the white man is not looking good. Karma in action, I am paraphrasing.  How would you like a nuclear winter.  For years.  Famine everywhere.  Look at all the drought everywhere and imagine fall-out on top of no rain or water. It all seems to be in action now, all at the same time. With us in the middle.  New Babylon will be in the same place it was before it fell, not in the United States.  The middle east which is inflamed now.  It will be the new Babylon with Islam as the beast to be worshipped in the Temple.  The third temple.  That’s what the Bible says. Sorry if I offend anyone. These are my thoughts on the matter.  If you read my about section, I warned you not to read it.

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Ronald McBrittons.

Last month I had a dream about the doctor of mine that retired last year. I absolutely loved my Dr. B. and missed him so much. I had gone to him for over ten years and looked at him as a father figure and have mourned his retirement like the death of a family member. So, anyway let me get to the dream. It was like at first an overview of the place from above. There was a large parking lot with a little two room white trailer like they have on construction sites. Next, I was in the back room where Dr. B’s office and we were talking. A vehicle pulled up beside the window to the office. Dr. B told me to open the window. I said, No you can’t talk to me and them too. He said, sure I can. The woman told him what was wrong and he told her to pull to the next window to pay and get her prescription.  So I sat in his office as a few more cars came by and repeated the process.

Is it my subconscious telling me the doctor’s office thing has gone to shit?  No more than a local fast food approach?  Where they get youd order wrong with cold fries? Obamacare?  It’s strange that I remember this dream because usually I don’t remember dreams.

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The State Of Tennessee Is A Police State.

This lovely holiday the streets, highways and byways will be filled with Nazi police.  They are there to check your papers, ( drivers licence, registration and proof of insurance.) make you blow or test your blood.  Yes blood.  Sticking a foreign object into your skin and drawing your blood.  In a real live or death situation you can refuse.  If the procedure is done anyway, that’s assault.  A crime.  So why would the police have the right to stick a sharp object into your body? This is also a No Refusal Checkpoint.  Like they did in Florida.  And Nazi Germany measured heads and noses.  Looking to exterminate the inferior human species.  Linked to occult practices and UFOs.  Why are they taking your blood?  What are they looking for?  Drunk drivers?  I think not.  What is one thing I can think of is, they want to collect our DNA.  Why?  Maybe the planet really is run by lizards and they are looking for the Rh negative blood types that didn’t originate anywhere on earth.  Maybe some people think that our blood is a mutation. Sorry, not true.  Some people think we are the descendants of the fallen angels intermarrying with the daughters of men.  Why else would they want our blood?  Or maybe it’s to have us all on a data base so they will know where we have been and what we have done.  All I do know is that not only is a forced sharp object into your body is assault, but it is Absolutely Un-Constitutional.  It violates your 4th Amendment right to travel freely without having your papers checked.  Without a reasonably suspicion.  What is suspicious?  Who decides?  It is also a 5th Amendment violation..  You have the right to not answer a question in the court of law that may incriminate you,  to give evidence that may incriminate you. Then why does the law think it only applies in the court rooms?  Drawing your blood is such a violation of privacy and it breaks the right to keep your medical records secret.  The HIPPA law.  The doctor can’t release your records without your  consent. Do you consent to the having your records in the  police hands?  You volunteer you pee sample to your employer or as a sentence of patrol.  You signed a paper that gives them the right to look for drugs to get the job or stay out of jail.   So why does the Tennessee State Police think they can have a road side blood test?  Blow if you’re sober.  Ask for a warrant if you are not.  They held me down in Jackson Mississippi Hospital to take my blood as I was screaming my rights to refuse.  I stayed the night before at a motel that had stairs to the ground floor.  Concrete steps I might add.  As I was rolling my suitcase behind me, I started down the stairs and the rolling case ran over me and knocked me down the stairs and into the parking lot.  The manager saw me and ran to the parking lot.  She asked me if I was alright and I tried to set up and got dizzy.  I ask to sit down a minute and she said I had to check out if I didn’t pay for an extra night.  Money’s tight and I needed to leave.  I pulled onto the highway and not 3 minutes later the Highway Patrol pulled me over.  They thought I was drunk. He told me to stay in my care while he ran my tag and name for wants and warrants.  I had none.  He told me to get out of the car because I was drunk. I blew and nothing then he had we walk a straight line. I couldn’t do it.  He put me in handcuffs and took me to the hospital because he said I was weaving all over the road.  I shouldn’t have been out on the road but I have no place to go and I-55 is deserted for a long ways.  I tried telling him what happened and that didn’t go over well.  I peed when I got to the hospital and it showed nothing.  Then the state policeman told the doctor to draw my blood.  That’s when I told them I refused and the reasons why.  They strapped me down to the table and drew my blood while I’m screaming stop at them.  I was not under arrest.  They strapped me spread eagle.  They took the blood to the lab and the officer left the cubicle.  I was so dizzy that I went to sleep in the straps.  I ask for a blanket when the nurse was in there.  When I woke up I  slipped my hands and ankles out of the restraints.  I weighed about 100 pounds back then.  I walked up to the nurses desk because I had been there for a couple or three hours.  She told me that the results weren’t back yet but I called a cab and walked out.  Then I went to the police department to find out where they had taken my car.  The impound lot and it cost me two hundred dollars to get it out.  That’s my encounters with the breaking of my Constitutional rights and Federal law. They billed me for the blood test and the straps.  I wrote them a nice letter and told them I was not paying the bill as I didn’t request the tests or agree to them.

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Okay, Now You’re Going To Think I’m Crazy.

I have always been an observant person who is not afraid to speak the truth.   To Anybody.  Since I found I could make my own blog and write about things that are going all wrong and my opinion of it, I have been talking about the government and what it’s doing to the people of this great country.  The stripping of our god given rights.  Entitlement to debauchery is what’s good today.  Everything that’s evil is good and everything good is evil.  I have compared Putin to Obama and Putin was looking good.  I guess I made myself a government dissident.  I stand for the Constitution and when they want to call for an Improved Constitution, once again it’s not looking good for me.  When I criticised Islam I am a terrorist.  If I support the Second Amendment, I’m a terrorist.  A home grown one.  That’s how my government looks at me.

Now let me explain what has been going on in my life that leads me to think things have moved on along.  A.T.T. conned me into buying a new Smartphone with about a 300.oo dollar off and  by selling me on the free tablet and of course we can break this up so your phone bill wouldn’t be so high.  Yeah. Right.  Aren’t there a lot of you out there that fell into that?  Why give the appliances to us?  The government needed to have access into your home and thoughts.  I know, I know this sounds crazy but the plan has been in effect much longer than you know.  Remember the Disability Tsunami?  When mental health became a really hot button after a few ‘lone nuts’  were found not guilty by reason of insanity we needed to treat people for mental health.  Early on.  So the doctors’ offices get flooded and the anti-depressives were handed out like candy.  Diseases became invented by the mental health professionals.  I went from being an asshole to being bi–polar.  My doctor told me I needed to apply for disability.  I told him I was not crazy and was smarter than your average bear.  He told me that stars in Hollywood were mostly bipolar and that John Nash who won a Pulitzer prize was bi-polar.  So I took the pills they gave me and wore the label they gave me. Boom! Here I am.  I have lost my rights to own a gun.  Well that and the time my ex husband called the police on me for breaking a fish tank and I went to jail (for an hour) and the charge thrown out.  That was the beginning of the time you could file domestic abuse charges even if there was no sign of domestic abuse.

This is happening to people all over the place.  Lives are ruined over false charges.  Should you lose your right to defend yourself over this?  Hell, No. (that’s a southern woman’s watch out.)  Everything you put in your mouth is controlled by the government.  From the soft drink to an e-cig.  Aren’t you sick of this shit?  But, I digress, back to you thinking I’m crazy, my computer tablet and phone are haunted.  By The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.  After I have turned the power off the tablet, sometimes I look over at it and the screen is lit up with the voice to text screen is on.  And the tablet has a camera. I uninstalled that program and it still happens.  The other day I was talking to my sister on my SMARTPHONE, I could hear heavy breathing on the phone.  At first I thought it was my sister and asked her why she was breathing so heavy, she said she was breathing regular and I asked her what was that noise. Was that on her end? She said only the t.v. was on, but we both heard it.  She said it sounded like back in the day when someone could pick up the extension.  Then I got to thinking about some of the stuff I’ve been seeing and hearing.  I said loudly, ‘ok, fat smelly government worker, we know you’re listening so why don’t you just hang up.’  There was no telltale click but I couldn’t hear the breathing anymore.  I posted that story on my facebook page.  I have a second cousin that says by clicking on some links, hackers can access your tablet and your smartphone and get all the information without you knowing about it.  It had happened to her too. She told me that she keeps her phone and tablet covered even when turned off.  I guess I’m really going to look crazy if I walked around with tape on my phone and tablet but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to stay safe.  Then I thought what the hell.  I can’t beat the government hackers so, that lead me to write this blog.  If I’m not the only one then someone need to speak up about this.  As we all know the government is listening to our phone calls, reading our e-mails and our blogs. We also know that there are paid government people as trolls on the internet.  My tablet won’t let me like certain posts.  On certain posts the page is missing or it tells me the connect is lost.  I can be in the middle of reading an article and the internet is  janked and throws me back to the on screen.  It never happens on other posts. Just certain ones. You know, the ones standing up for our Country and what it used to be.  No, it is not the site because I have another computer and on it, it’s fine.  I’m not the smartest person in the world but I am and have been seeing the direction things are heading.  We are fixing to have WW III with Russia and I will be put in a F.EM.A. camp as a government dissident.

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I haven’t written in a few days just because there is so much shit going on that I just couldn’t find the words to describe how I feel.  One emotion that I have been dealing with is angry.  Angry about the lies being told in Ferguson that I couldn’t write the words I felt.  This thing is all about a cop shooting someone who had assaulted him and tried to get his gun.  It’s not about racism.  All the race hustlers and the President and Attorney Eric Holder are telling lies about the situation.  They will not believe the autopsy report. They will not believe citizens that said Mikey was charging him.  I just want to segregate the whole United States.  The President thinks and has said that black kids should be taught by black teachers only.  The black police should patrol black neighborhood.  Just look at the race thing.  I am all in favor of having white teachers teach all white kids and don’t hold white kids back just because of blacks.  It is a proven fact that blacks have a lower I.Q. then whites.  The average I.Q. of blacks is 80.  The whites have an average of 100 or higher.  So I am all for segregation in schools.  Go look at predominantly black schools.  They have torn up any new thing in their schools.  I would prefer segregated neighborhoods too.  It is proven when blacks move into a nice area the crime rate goes up and business leave the area after being broken into so many times and the property rates go way down.  It is not my responsibility to pay for everything.  With the Ferguson going on, nobody is concerned about the border being wide ass open  with 75 different countries including south Africa and all the terrorists coming over, nor do they report on Christians being beheaded and crucified in the Middle East, you know the ones that Obama is welcoming them over.  Oh and then the Ebola virus that is being intentional spread and the death rates are much higher than they are telling us.  On youtube I have been accused of being a government troll just because I give them stats and facts on things and use words larger than two syllables.  I just can’t believe there are so many ignorant people of youtube.  Hasn’t anyone wondered why the radiation from Fukushima hasn’t been talked about in the Mainstream Media?  If you want to know the truth, visit Nubri Magic on youtube.  He is the only one talking the real numbers.  The leak is much much higher than the Japan is telling us.  The increase of cancer in the West of America has also gone sky high.  Don’t believe me on any of this.  Look it up and come to your own understanding.

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