When Are Parents Going to Act Like Parents?

The “youth” crime wave could be stopped if parents were held responsible for the crimes their precious little darlings commit. Now days parents do not raise their child but turn them loose on the streets. Starting pre-kindergarten by age three.  That used to be called raising you kids.  The government and the school system is raising these kids where as it used to be the parents job. They won’t even feed these kids with the foods stamps that are given to them free of charge from the backs of working people. They had rather trade the EBT cards for drugs, strip clubs, hair weaves and liquor. Then, we have to feed them breakfast and lunch from school. Lord forbid they have a brown sack lunch with the dreaded, racist peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  We have an obligation to feed them.  We do not have to feed them what they want.  I want to eat steak every night, but I don’t get to.  Should I scream racism? Teenagers are running drug rings and then posting them on twitter or facebook. None of the parents even care about their kids unless the see they can make a dollar from it.  You know, those little paycheck stubs that get parked at Big Momma’s house on the first of the month?   I wish that if you are going to vote democrat, then you must take a poor starving family in and see how you like what you preach.   Just like everybody that’s for amnesty will not take in any of the illegals.  In Ferguson, there were children in diapers out after mid-night.  Where in the hell is the parents and aren’t you quite the example of proud parenthood?  When are people going to take a stand on how your children should be raised?  But I guess I’m just an old racist.  Integration is a failed experience.  Everybody wants to be with their own kind.  This is plain to see on Sunday morning, or after work or when school is out for the summer.  Before integration we could play in the neighborhood without fear of being molested, drugs, fights, etc..  I remember before schools integrated a white school system or neighborhood schools, the classes were conducted with decorum and students actually learned something.  Then I went to a black school that was totally out of order and you couldn’t even hear the teacher.  The school bus was no longer a safe ride like it was.  I am not ashamed of my standing.  Blacks hate whites, plain and simple.  You want to know why so many whites make a better living than blacks?  Because we get our education, even if we had to pay for ours and blacks get a free ride at college.  With integration of the school system now we have people graduating that can’t read or write because after all, you can’t make it too hard on black kids.  Nor will the black try to help themselves.  The unemployment for blacks is so high because none of them are willing to work.  How can you be looking for a job if you are drunk on the corners of the streets with the quart beer bottle  or running hookers.  I have lived and seen what I talking about all around me.  I know it and you know it. While the media has been giving the population non stop coverage of Ferguson, they are just giving the hoodlums an audience.  And why weren’t the protesters arrested after the curfew was initiated and they are out there daring the cops to do something?  If the cops were standing up and trying to protect the citizens, then they were called racist.  If the cops did nothing then they don’t care about black people.  What in the hell are they suppose to do?  Where is the 24/7 media coverage on the border?  The border is being over run.  It’s not kids coming over, it is Muslims, murderers, rapist, disease carrying drug cartels and from 75 different countries.  Wake up America.


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Ferguson is the flash fire that will start the Civil War the President has been trying to start every since his took over. Think about the borders that are wide open. Flooding the States with Muslims, terrorists and criminals. Look at all the Muslims in high positions in the White House. Look at the head of the Department of home land security. The news in the middle east is all for the negroes and rioting and looting. The Muslims will help kill as many white Christians as the can. Remember the F.E.M.A. camps? Who do you think will be put there? It is time to gather and protect your children. Now. I just don’t understand people. Especially white people. They just don’t understand the blacks and Muslims want to bathe in our blood.

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Lying with statistics


The real numbers on welfare.

Originally posted on murderbymedia:

Some idiot negro posted this as proof that more Whites use food stamps than blacks:


I’m sure we always come across this nonsense because negroes and most liberals simply do not grasp the science behind statistics because even basic math confuses them.

Now, hope you don’t mind if I debunk that chart for all of us!

You see, population dispersion is an all equivalent affair, that is to say, in any given nation one cannot expect population to directly the same across all races.

With America, using statistics from:


White Americans: 223,553,265 (72.4%)

African Americans: 38,929,319 (12.6%)

I won’t include the Hispanic population due to variance in definition (provided) thereof.

The chart, strange as it is with missing a large percentage of its total, is obviously misleading, due to lack of information, so let’s fill in some gaps.

To recognize that this is NOT a graph of the overall…

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A Funny Thing Humor

I just have to tell you what happened at my brother’s house.  He and his girlfriend Stacy are living together and have a pit bull dog.  It stays mostly in the house with them except for when they’re at work, then he’s outside.  Last Saturday morning Stacy got up before Tim.  There was pieces of stuff on the floor that the pit bull had torn  up.  She picked the pieces up and glue them to a poster board.  When Tim got up, Stacy said, Tim, the dog eat something of yours and I don’t know how to tell you except show you.  She held up the poster board and there was his false teeth.  In pieces.  The dog had nawed on them and broke them in pieces.  OMG!!!!  He teeth had been hurting his lip while he was sleeping and took them out and laid them on the night stand!!  Now he won’t leave the house except to go get his New Teeth.  While I was writing this, my Barney boy was laying on the floor behind me and I heard him chewing on something.  I turned around and he was nawing on my toilet brush handle.  I guess I need to put my teeth up high when they are not in my mouth. lolololol

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The New Jews – White People

I have been screaming this for about 3 years.  Obama is determined to start a race war.  If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.  Now he is saying that we should speak healing words, which translated,  White people need to grovel to blacks and hang the white police man.  The New Black Panthers called to kill random white folks.  This started with them descending on Florida.  Now they are up there in St. Lewis preaching killing cops, white babies and white people and nothing is done about it.  If a white organization had done that, they will be arrested and charged with attempted murder charges.  You know that and so do I.  With a black president the racial divide has widen ever bigger.  Well, I think Obama will get what he wants.  A second Civil War.  Multi-cultured is a failed experience.  Separate the people by race.  And the white people who hate the color of their own race should go with the blacks.   Oh but they couldn’t do that.  They would have no one to blame for the sorry state they are in.  See how fast they will turn on you and you get exactly what you deserve. No other race of people like blacks.  Whites, Asians, even Egypt is shipping them back to their Motherland Africa.  If you don’t wake up, you are going to be slaughter like the Jews were, only we won’t be gassed, but by have our heads chopped off.  If you don’t believe that just look at some video of what’s going on.  The blacks will find that the Muslims will turn their back on blacks after they have been used to murder white folks and Christians.  But you know they don’t have the intelligence to understand that.  I am absolutely sick of all this White people should just die.  Do you really want to talk about race relations, I am ready to talk.  You may not agree with me but I have the right to talk and you have the freedom to not read my blog.  It is time to talk the true that we have been punished more than Cain in the Bible.  Seven generations.  And this shit still goes on.  I don’t wear a mantle of white guilt and never will.

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Africa, Monkeys, Aids, Ebola, Bodily Fluids And You Oh My!!

Have you ever noticed how most killer sexual diseases come from Africa and involve contact of bodies fluids with a monkey? ? Just stop and think about that for a minute.  Think about how those two would exchange contact with  bodily fluids.  Those monkey f@&kers are bringing that over here and spreading it around with the adulterers of our country.  Huh, what about that?  Oh yeah, and we are paying them to live, eat, screw, abort and house for life.  Are we stupid or what?  Are you going to tell me I’m racist for pointing out facts?  As my favorite author, Mark Twain would say, there are lies, damn lies and then there’s statistics.   When the majority of the population is white  and home owners, the homes are cared for, lawns cut with low crime rate and high employment.  Mostly.  The neighborhoods reflected the pride and ownership.  Welcome Freddie Mac and Freddie May where you don’t even have to have a job to get a home loan.  Blacks started moving into your neighborhood and they don’t like you and want to take everything you have. Even your peace of mind with that thump, thump, thump shit. They do it just to make you mad and stare at you while they do it.  Drug dealers start thumping their way down electric ave.  But, oh be careful. There are laws concerning suspicious vehicles and you look suspicious in the neighborhood with section 8 housing with a new car and rims. You roll to a stop and crank it up.  I tell the po-po that folks are running up to your vehicle like kids with a popsicle truck.  I even have pictures of your car.  You get pulled over and you better hope you don’t have a roach, pipe, or nothing in your pockets or vehicle. Make sure everything is legal.  Drivers Licenses,  tag, inspection And insurance!!!!  I really don’t really want to do that, so please, do not mess with me or try to intimidate me.  We can all get along or you can go to jail. Simply as that. But getting back to statistics,  the white people move out as blacks move in. The houses go to hell, no mowing of the lawn and hardly anybody is working so the stealing goes to town and the businesses close their doors and move out. Crime soars. Fact. I have seen this over and over for the last 40 years in my town. A river town.  So, am I racist for stating the facts or am I just obviously paying attention?   But I digress.  Why don’t Africans stop fricking monkeys, pigs and the middle eastern favorite, Camels?!?!  Quit beating your women and have sex with them instead of animals you submongrels.  My God what is wrong with people.  I know what’s wrong. We white people decided to let them live with us and try to measure them by the skills and I.Q.’S of white people.  They can never obtain that objective.   Take them back to Africa and leave them alone.

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The World Or Us Is About To Blow Or Die.

I’m a little confused at the things going on not only in our country but the world too. Bad things are happening faster than we can count them. Earth seems to be pulling apart at the seams.  Earthquakes all around the ring of fire.  Volcanoes erupting, server hurricanes, polar vortex and other weather. Yellowstone.  N.A.S.A just told the world that we could be destroyed anytime by asteroids or comets and never see it coming.  N.A.S.A. didn’t even tell us we missed by a hair the solar flare Two Years ago that almost fried us until after the fact. I know everybody remembers when it looked like the top 1/4 of the sun was missing.  Where did all that massive energy go?  N.A.S.A. is shrugging its shoulders going, I don’t know where it went.  Those preppers with the underground shelter and food and water and manual tools don’t look so ignorant now do they?  And you still think they are honest with us?  One thing that infuriates me is all these people who decide what we should hear and what we shouldn’t.

The world’s  religions will cause world war III.  The End Game match.  Maybe the coming apocalyptic world will be made by the coming 12th Inman for the coming of Allah.  Allah’s kingdom where all Jews, Christians and non believers are dead and all Muslims go to paradise with their virgins.  No one left standing on earth.   Russia is the only country standing up for Christians and the nuclear family.  Treating Muslims like the terrorists they are. The Muslims are crucifying Christians and beheading children. And we do nothing.  The Anti Christ is truly here. Edgar Casey said that Russia will be the world’s hope one day. I think that time is now.  Don’t be loyal to a President that is trying he’s hardest to tear our  nation apart, be it by race or religion.  Be loyal to freedom.  The constitution. What made us the exemplary people we are.  And yes we are exemplary, I don’t care how many times our government apologizes and blames us to other countries.

Our Evil, Evil leader is decimating the legal citizens of America. And we take it.  This country’s idiot that thought it was a good idea to bring Ebola patients to America?  The rise in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism is rampant.  ObamaCare is totally a killing machine in action.  Why do they want to kill us?  I don’t think it’s depopulation.  I think it is because they hate us, whoever they are.  Obama is making our country into a country where all manner of debauchery is allowed. Where marriage, heterosexual people are jeered at and called names and are forced to be “tolerant”.  All the while the homosexuals don’t have to be tolerant.  Babies can be killed in the womb or starting to emerge in the world.  Negro worship has taken over.  Red tide is in the Gulf of Mexico and algae boom taking over in the north were you can’t even wash your dishes in it.  Martial law will take over and guess who are going to be in charge of these?  Of course all the terrorist that are in this country illegally. And we just sit here. If we do nothing then we deserve the government we get.

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