Obama: The End of America (2015)


Oh yes! And people still call me a racist. I mean white people call me that. (I don’t pay any attention to blacks calling me racist.) This is a powerful blog and I’m spreading this as far as I can.

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Aunt Margaret, Barney and Mo-Mo

Yesterday, I went to see Aunt Margaret.  She is my great Aunt and 93 years young and still kicking just not so high.  She told me this yesterday.  She is really a hoot and I could talk to her for hours.  I sat at the dining table and visited her for an hour. All the residents were gone and the cleaning crew came in to bus dishes, change table cloths. She has so many stories from almost a century ago.  We talked about so many things.  I told her I was sorry for not visiting her for a month, but I was sick as a dog and didn’t want to bring germs into her retirement home.  That’s another amazing thing to me that she is living independent with only a little help, like making sure she takes her medicine on time.  Most other people are dead by her age or in a nursing home with I.V. lines.  She has a little memory problem, but there are much younger patients that have Alzheimer or just sit in the middle of the hallway doing nothing. She is still kicking. Dresses her self everyday goes to the dining room at breakfast, lunch and supper.  I got there as she was finishing her lunch.  I brought her a blueberry muffin. Last time I brought her a butter croissant and she loved it.  I must admit, I love them myself.  We talked for about an hour and the time flew so faster.  I told her about finding my lost granddaughter.  Showed my pictures in my phone to her. She told me about her brother Frank mending a fishing boat so he could fish.  He had a .22 pistol to shoot snakes and I think you can already guess what happened. He shot a hole in the bottom of the boat.  Aunt Margaret had 4 brothers and they would take her hunting and fishing.   Almost one hundred years ago, there wasn’t so much to do. They adored her. She was the baby too. She has so many stories to tell and I can’t wait to hear more. She told me how she loved oatmeal so I told her next time I was going to bring her one of those lovely oatmeal raisins, cranberry cookies.  I could eat my weight in those cookies, but wait!  That would be a whole lot of cookies!  She asked if I had any animal after I told her about my granddaughter had a show that day with her calves.  She lives on a large ranch.  I asked her how do you show off cows?  She told me how they look, how well they have been fed and how well the calf obeys her commands in walking and stopping. But anyway, back to the story.  She asked me if I had animals and I told her about Barney and Mo-Mo.  She told me a story about her daughter had one of those little dogs that slept on her shoulder with his nose touching her face.  I guess everybody and animals needs touching.  It makes you feel better. I showed her a video of Barney and she said, That’s a fine dog.  I told her that I am Barney’s lovey and he doesn’t want anyone kissing me or sitting on my lap.  This morning I had Mo-Mo the kitty sitting in my lap and Barney decided he wanted in my lap too so he stood with his paws on the couch arms and leaned into me while standing over Mo-Mo.  Well, Mo-Mo hates Barney and she left. Barney follows me every step I take.  I feel sorry for the fool that tries to break into my house and come toward me.

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We Christians, Sanhedrin, Sadducess, Pharisees

Today I would like to tell you a story.  About Christians today and Jewish leaders of the past.  The Sanhedrin was the supreme court of Israel.  Both the Sadducess and the Pharisees answered to.  The Sadducess were more harsher Jewish synagogue.  They believe that when you died, your soul dies to and you will not be resurrected.  The aristocrats ran the origination with the wealth in high places like the Chief Priests.  There were 70 positions filled in the Sanhedrin.  They were responsible to the Roman government to keep the malcontents in line.  They did not believe in Angels or demons and only read the first five books of Moses.  This was the word of God for them and only the five books as is mentioned in Deuteronomy.  These people hated Jesus and not only for blaspheme but for stirring up the people who the Sadducess were responsible for to the Roman government.

Now onto the Pharisees.  The ruling class was more middle class than wealthy. Notice, nobody was for the poor.  The Pharisees believed that God ran all things.  They also believed in more books than just the first five books of Moses.  The also believed in Angels and Demons.   Your souls go the heaven to be judged for your sins. These two groups who were rivals so different joined forces to get rid of Jesus.  That’s why they held the mocking trial of Jesus and turned him over to the Romans.  Pointus Pilot washed his hands of the whole thing after finding no fault with the man.  The Sadducess and the Pharisees were the ones calling for his death.  Standing cheering in the crowd as Jesus was whipped with the whips and having to drag his own cross to the hills of Golgotha.  The Roman cast lots for his clothes, stabbed his side with the spear and gave him vinegar on the sponge.  The apostles denied him and ran off, deserting our Savior in his hour of need.  Only the women stayed with him and only a woman witnessed his reservation.

Now, that brings me to the role of women in the church today.  They are still denying women  positions in the church even after the men ran off.  There are so many churches are like the Sadducess and the Pharisees.  Wealthy folks run the Catholic Church with their many donations, gold statues, rich people. With their child abuse and hiding it for decades.  The pope is supposed to be Jesus’s representative here on earth.  How sad.  Does anyone believe in him now?   Now, just think of the mega-churches like Joel Olsten, and many many others and they have million dollar houses. Many million dollars houses, private jets, teaching false scripture like the rapture where you are all going to be swished into the sky.  So you know there are scripture on how these people are to be judged?  The many dominations of the protestants today and they all preach different gospels from the Bible.  They are all like the Sadducees Pharisees and the Sanhedrin.  The pope is like the Sanhedrin of the Christians.  But they are not living the text in the Bible.  Following more like the Romans and saints.  Some faiths of churches are like the Sadducess. Where the wealthy rules. Now you still want to came me a heathen?  I have taken the trouble of explaining to you what is in the Bible if you search enough.  How many of you know about the Bible or do you just read the verses the preacher is quoting from. Or like the Catholics don’t know there Bible’s just what the Priest teaches you. I have has a Catholic tell me protestants know the Bible much better than Catholics.

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I found my long lost Granddaughter!!!

I found her mother’s facebook page a few months ago, but it hadn’t, as far as I could see, been updated since 2012. Dumb me. She just didn’t show very much to non-friends. I didn’t send her a friend request because I had thought she closed the site down. I told my other granddaughter about it and showed her the page that showed my granddaughter being baptized. Well, she did the simplest thing. She sent her a friend request and she accepted it!  She called me first thing after she sent a message and I was on the phone with her while she was waiting to see if she read it and if she would respond.  She did!  So I got off the phone and sent her a friend request myself. We started messaging each other. OMG. I had been searching for her for years but didn’t know how to go about it. I didn’t have a last name to go by or anything and I’m not real good with computer skills. Hell, I’m happy I even found my way to this blogsite and started a blog. I have to admit, my cousin really found her for me.  I gave her all the information I had like her father’s name, the fact that she has two brothers in law enforcement and she found her for me, at least her name. I got the wrong address, but I wrote anyway. I wrote two letters to the wrong person and she finally called me (the wrong address person) and told me that I still haven’t found my granddaughter yet. I took the name my cousin gave me and started looking up different folks with the same name on facebook. I knew I had found the right one as I saw her picture.  My ex-daughter-in-law still looks the same and I saw a picture of my granddaughter.  She looks just like my son.  But, like I said, I thought they had closed the account. Luckily, granddaughter one didn’t give up that easily and she and I have wanted to find granddaughter number two ever since she was left 12 and one half years ago. Granddaughter number one has a sister size hole in her heart and has been desperate to fill it. I hope this will help her heal. I am scared to death. What if granddaughter number two doesn’t like me? I have flutters in my heart and stomach. Granddaughter number one and I will make a road trip in a month or so I hope. She had the bright idea of communicating with her by writing letters and sending cards to her. She is not on social media, but her mother is and we have been communicating with her mother that way and her mother tells her what we say. I think the letter and cards is a great idea. Mail coming in the mail box will be something for her to look forward to. I do not want to overwhelm her with too much to soon. I’m going to let her mother set the pace. I am so grateful that she even wants to see us.  My granddaughter number ones family though that I would be in the way of her getting to see her sister.  I am an embarrassment to them.  I am not well off, I am plain-spoken and blunt and social graces are not my strong suit.  I can’t help the fact that I’m poor and I’m about finished with apologizing for myself.  I am a good person even if I’m bi-polar. You know, it really hurts my feelings that people I have know for seventeen years thinks that of me.

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Charlie Hebdo Shooting

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SMohamo, some shitheads decided to attack a French magazine based on a difference of opinion. You disagree with some bullshit that someone wrote or drew about your religion so you decided to kill 12 people over it. Do I have this right? Does this sound fuckin reasonable for you, to murder people based on some shit you didn’t like.

You’re telling me that the Prophet Mohammed would somehow agree with your disgusting actions? You don’t think that a prophet is so far above this petty bullshit that he wouldn’t just go about his day without the use of violence? I would sure hope so!

InfeYou are a fuckin embarrassment to your country, your family, and most importantly your faith. Call me an infidel if you want, but you are a piece of shit. If there are a set of rules that you would like to live by so be…

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Throw Down At The Doctors Office.

This all started out yesterday. I had an appointment at the doctors and as I pulled up in the parking lot I saw it packed. I got the last parking spot. When I walked in, the waiting room was full too. As I was signing in, I looked over my should at the patients and asked if they were all there to see my doctor. Almost all nodded or raise a hand. I turned back to finish the sign in when a black bitch told me to shut up and stay out of everybody’s business. I turned back around and said, What did you say to me? She told me to stay out of everybody’s business. It was on then. I turned fully around facing her and told her I wasn’t talking to her but she kept running that mouth so I told her that she didn’t know who she was fucking with, I’m slap ass crazy and I will knock you down and kick you in the head and laugh the whole time I was doing it. ( if you have read other blogs by me, I live in the city where gangs of one hundred or more attacked the white employees at Kroger grocery store and nothing was done about it.) The woman had two relatives with her. Her sister tried to get her to shut up but she kept running that mouth. Then she told me that her sister had just had a stroke, then the woman spoke up and said that her left fist still worked while she was shaking her fist at me. I then invited her to the parking lot. That when her son or nephew stepped in between us facing me to me to take it down a notch. Then the black receptionist came out screaming ladies, ladies. The woman was still running her mouth. I told her let’s throw down right here in this room, come on, come on. She wasn’t moving her ass out of her chair all the while yelling insults at me. I told her that she had done the easy part. Talking about it, now get up and do it. The waiting room got real quite. No body was saying anything but the stupid black bitch was mumbling to her self about minding your own business.
I had to wait an hour and a half of my appointment and I was sure glad I took my tablet to occupy myself. Oh and I updated my facebook status while I was sitting there about that crazy bitch. She must not know about me. I don’t back down. Never have and never will.

After sitting there for about an hour, the lab tech. came into the room and was calling out names. There were about 8 of us and we went upstairs for a piss test. She was handing out clip boards with paper work and a cup. When she handed me the clipboard, I handed it right back to her and said, I refuse. She said, oh well, you can go back down stairs. So off I went. I sat there fuming and expecting the doctor to refuse to prescribed my meds. When they finally called my name, I went in to the office intending to fire my doctor. I told him I didn’t feel safe in his office ( I didn’t tell him about me almost fighting his patient before me and I wasn’t afraid of the patients but I felt the doctor was sharing my medical profile with other government agencies and about drug testing me.) He told me that he knew me and that I didn’t do drugs. I was drugged tested about a year before which came up hot for MJ. We talked about it at the time and I told him I used it for pain and the calming effect. I guess I should have smoked one on the way to the office but I was in a very good mood before I got there and had to deal with the black bitch.

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Never Apologize For Telling Your Story

I found out people would like for you to apologize for telling the truth about your life. I tell my stories as they happened in life to me. They are my stories, my truth. Some of the characters in my stories aren’t so nice some of the time but it’s not my fault they aren’t nice all the time. Which way do you want to be remembered? If you get pissed off now, how do you think you will feel standing in front of God? We all must account for our actions at the end of the race. Am I disdainful of people of a certain color? Yes, because of the way people of a certain color treat me and hate me soley based on the color of my skin. Will I have to explain it someday? Yes, but I have not personally hurt or mistreated anyone based on the color of their skin. I, on the other hand have been governmentaly discriminated against in jobs based soley on the color of my skin. I am white and if any person of color applies, I’ve lost my chance at the job. How’s that right? Even if I am qualified for the job and the other person is not.

Governments love to blame working class white Americans as the problem of race.  Wantta know who hates blacks most of all?  Liberal Democrate government programs that’s who.  Women rights? Yes!!! Demand abortion on a governmental scale! Pay for it too!!! Yes!!! They will kill every little black wad of tissue you can make!!!! Yah!!!  That’s racism for you.

Today here in the news, there was a story about a billboard in Arkansas or somewhere, that said, It’s Not Racist To Love Your Own Race. It showed a picture of a white girl. Then they interviewed a pasty, white, gay, lesbian, self hating white person that said, It kinda seems Racist.’ What is the meaning of Racism?  No where in that defination of the word says that it applies to blacks only?  So we are going to look at this poor example of intelligence for meaning? Really?  Is this what we are looking at today as our moral compass on what is right or wrong?

Now. It’s not racist to love your own race, culture, customs, etc. Why are the news casters trying to start a bunch of shit were there is none?  Why is it bad for white people to love their own race? Would someone have the balls to tell me that please?   I have never owned a slave, never cracked the whip on one, or done any of it, I’m sick of being treated like I did/do. I don’t have to like your race or culture. This is a thing between people not government. If you don’t like the racial views other a buisness then do not converse with them. Go find some one in buisness who share your views on race, culture and views, then leave. Build your own town, place or home with your own people. Black racist like to talk about how intelligent the black race is and they built Egypt, the wheel, etc., go race and heal your image. Build empires and rule the way you want.  Opps! You did. They call it Detroit. But, oh. You didn’t build that, you just ran it to the ground. As a race, you have managed to reinforce the beliefs that you are a ghetto trash type of person. It is not the color of your skin that makes you a horrible person.  It’s the acts, behavior and life choices you consciencly  make decisions about that make you a horrible person. The fact that a specific race does most of those decisions is not racist, it’s fact.  All you people who think I am a horrible person, let me asked you one question. How many people of different races and cultures do you interact with in your personal life, not business or job or blog, but on personal daily basis?    I thought so.

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